“Painting” or Coloring with Pencil Crayons and Mineral Spirits On Stamp Images

I prefer this method to almost any other. It gives you the same control of detailed color that you might get from water color pencils however the effect is more intense and rich color and even more blendability. Some people call this Gamsol and Pencil Crayon method or Magic coloring method of applying color to stamp images. Some swear by baby oil ( I don’t) and others use Goo Gone ( which does work very well and non-toxic)

Here is what you need to create beautiful color on your stamps using pencil crayons and odorless mineral spirits (OMS) .

colored pencils and mineral spirits supplies

A- Container and sponge for odorless mineral spirits
Prismacolor colored pencils

or other High Quality Colored pencils ( If you don;t have these are great to – I would get a pack of 24 or 48 I think more is just to much and unnecessary)
C- Bottle of odorless mineral spirits – sometimes called Gamsol or OMS
D- Smoother grit( feel free to experiment with different papers) watercolor paper
E- Hot cup of tea ( or coffee)
F- Stamp. In this case I use B Line Designs Large Bouquet
G- Sandpaper for stump
H- 2-3
Gray Paper Stumps

find at any art supply store or buy online here
I- Cotton ball for chalking background.
J- Artist’s or Stamping chalk to color background

Step 1 Organize Your Workspace
Make sure you have proper ventilation when working with mineral spirits odorless or other wise. Do NOT have any candles around or use heat gun near the mineral spirits.

Step 2. Chalk your paper.

This is optional. I use this technique on water color paper and find the white to stark and will usually use a sepia toned chalk. If you are using colored card stock or other don’t bother.

Step 3. Stamp Your Image
I used a stamp from B Line Designs, Large Bouquet. I use Memories Black. Any quality dye based ink fine.
stamped image b line designs bouquet

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Step 4. Lay Down Color With Colored Pencils

This require a bit of technique and practise. Put color down in “darker” areas and using the mineral spirit soaked stump you will drag color- the same way you would do with water color pencils. I put down my dark colours first. The lightest,. If you go too dark you can use an eraser to lift of SOME of the color. Too light you can add. I especially enjoy blending the different colors. Leave white/light spot for highlights to create dimension.

Step 5. Blend Colors with Stump and Pencil Crayon
color with stump and mineral spirits

Dab your stump in mineral spirit soaked sponge and use as a paint brush to blend color and drag color. Use one stump for dark colors and another for lights and maybe another for blacks, etc You can also remove color fro your stump with sand paper. Experiment a bit to get just the right amount of mineral spirits on your stump.

This is the most fun of the whole process! the colors are just so rich and dazzling. They pop off the page. You will have a lot of fun mixing and blending and shading your stamp images with his technique.

Continue to work with colors on your stamp image.

6. Mount your image onto card, scrapbook page, etc.

Finished Stamp Image- Using Colored Pencils/ Pencil Crayons and Mineral Spirits To Add Color

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Finished Stamp Image- Using Pencil Crayons and odorless mineral spirits


  1. says

    vear cool tutorial! I will link to this soon..if you don’t mind that is! Love the how-to I do a similar thing with my prisma pencils and the clear prismacolor marker.

  2. Judith Clark says

    I had been using this technique before reading it here. It is one of my favourites. Beats watercolouring. Good to see the idea on your site,

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