How Do You Sharpen Quickutz Silhouette Blade?

This method also works to sharpen Robo Craft and Wishblade cutting blade as they are same machine.
I have tried sharpening the blade on my Silhouette and it works.

Sharpening Silhouette, Robo Craft and Wish Blade Blades

You can use tinfoil to sharpen your Quickutz Silhouette blade. I would use name brand tin foil or heavy duty and not cheap thin type. I just lay down foil cut to size on the mat. One of the dangers is damage mat so don’t over do it and you may want to tape down the foil as it can sometimes slip off.
I prefer to use the blue blade and I cut a couple of shapes out like a large flower- something that will least likely tear foil. Do this regularly and your blade will be nice and sharp.
I sharpen my blade about 1-2 times a month.

If you do have to replace your Quickutz Silhouette blade , I have place to get them for under $12.00.
Go to Where to buy cheap replacement blade for Quickutz Silhouette post.

Use Foil TO Sharpen Scarp Book Cutters

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Using tin foil will also work on other cutters like die cut punches, corner rounders and punches or other paper cutters (with swing arm). I swear by it with my Creative Memories corner rounder and personal cutter.

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  1. says

    This is a fantastic idea that I never would’ve thought of. It’s especially wonderful since I cringe every time I have to pay for a new one! Thanks!

  2. Gin says

    Mine cut through the first time but not the second. Could I have done something wrong? Thanks, Gin

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