Challenge: Work on 10 Cards for All Occasions – Use Up Scrapbook Supplies

Really this post should be called ” 10 Cards to Make if you are a Scrapbooker ” or “cards to make to clear out your leftover scrapbook supplies.

I am challenging myself to make up a series of 10 cards to clear out some of my scrap book stuff. I would love if you want to join in!
Here are the parameters I have set for myself:
– I cannot buy anything to complete these cards. No new stamps, dies or paper. The only exception is adhesive.
– I cannot use elaborate techniques- the idea is to do them fast and not get sucked into a vortex where one card takes 3 hours.
-I am debating whether to use use any embossing. Card makers will have the supplies but most scrap bookers I know don’t.
I may do simple quilling that the average scrapbooker will know or could learn easily.

I am working on using up some of my supplies- card stock I am not crazy about, left over paper bits, ets as well as trying out some new tools.

I am trying to put together a series of cards that are easy and fast to do and with supplies at hand- supplies that most scrapbooker or card maker will have.
To start with I have cut 10 cards from my card stock. I am going to do them to fit 5 1/2 by 5 1/2 inch envelopes and they are about 5 3/8 x 5 3/8 after being folded. I have also sketched out my design ideas. I have done 5 card sketches and will do two card for each sketch idea.

I will also post my “sketches” when I post the cards. or maybe tomorrow. might be interesting to see how closely i stick to my plans!
What am I talking about? I kind of sort of draw out before I start. I have a design background and I like to plan a bit and sometimes work from a formula. Most times I like the organic approach to making cards and doing my scrapbook layouts and let the supplies “speak to me” but the idea behind this project is to get a bunch of card done quickly , using up existing supplies and have a selection of card I can pull out and use on short notice.

I am making a sympathy cards, birthday cards for both kids and adults, Thank-you cards, Thinking of you cards and Congratulation cards. Cards you might for last minute gifts or sudden event.
I am constantly caught sort on new baby congratulations card and sympathy cards an want to have some to send out quickly.

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If you deice to join in let me know- post about your plan and what “limits” you have set for your self.

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