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Looking for Perler Bead Ideas?

My kids LOVE Perler Beads– and its the first thing that many of the kids that come over gravitate towards. I buy the giant buckets at Michael’s using coupon and we have tons of patterns I have picked up here and there. I have found some wonderfully unique ideas for using Perler beads on other craft blogs.
My favourites are a whole series of Mario characters, like this one of Mario in shoe:

Crafty Craft has posted some fantastic Perler bead patterns. Including this stunning and ambitious perler bead dragon

Very cute- little martini glass made of Perler beads

If you can stand the pop ups and ads on About.con they have decent list of free perler bead patterns here

Nice Eyeore ( Winnie the Pooh) Perler bead Idea

Perler Bead Books and Patterns

Mega Idea Book I


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Perler-Mega Idea Book III

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  1. mia says

    That is so cool i am going through this phase were i love to Bead i love Your Mario going through the pipe old school and the eyor is so cute Mia,WA

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