Craft Robo Cutting Machine – Alternative to Cricut

Graphtec Craft Robo Multi-Media Cutter for crafts, vinyl & scrapbooking

Getting info on the Craft Robo 2(craftrobo) has been quite difficult. From my understating it is the SAME machine as the Silhouette but you are unable to download from the Internet. They are both made by Graphtec America. Another feature is you can cut around existing stickers on areas on a sheet and define cutting areas.
Craft Robo can also be used with an Adobe Illustrator plugin.

Their are two version of this much like the Cricut. The Craft Robo and craft Robo 2, whgoch si larger and can handle bulkier and bigger materials. The original Craft Robo is about 350.00 and Craft Robo 2 is in 950.00 (!!!) range.

I am not sure when it will happen but at some point Cricut users and non-user will have to REVOLT against the crazy pricing. I have always thought Scrapbookers were a little bit insane and the popularity of a 400.00 machine that needs 100.00 + cartridges is just further proof :-)

Electronic die cutting machine like Craft Robo can at least cut anything off your computer. Yes it is not portable like Cricut but SO many people have laptops now they can use. I hook Silhouette to my laptop in craft room EASILY and could probably bring it to crops.

Also- don;t underestimate how great the Cuttlebug is!
Anyway- back to the Craft Robo. The Craft Robo is hugely popular in th UK and Australia and it pops up occasionally in Canada. You can use to cut pretty much almost anything, paper, card stock, foam, stencils and magnetic sheets. You can get quite intricate shapes with is graphite arm cutter.

One bonus with Robo Craft is you don’t have to pay for cartridges or downloads ( you need to download and pay for Quickutz Silouette images).

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There are many free designs as well as software you can buy to use with the Craft Robo.
Finding one may not be that eay- their web site is AWFUL. I have not seen very often in LSS. You can buy Craft Robo on Amazon for about 299.00 and you can sometimes see find them on ebay or Craigslist. The cost can vary. The Craft Robo 2 is nearing the 1000.00 mark. I have seen on Craigslist for 5-600.00

I have also found some online retailers:
That’s Scrap that carry both sizes.

Downloads and Software for Crafts Robo

Klic-N-Kut Studio software

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More Downloads for Craft Robo HERE


  1. Amber says

    The prices on these machines are dropping drastically right now! Silhouettes are being advertised for $150 or less! That is a great deal for the value! Thanks for all of your great articles!

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