GSD File Converter 1.02 for Graphtec Robo Master Download

QuicKutz SILHOUETTE-1 Digital Craft Cutter

Here is the software that lets you convert gsd files for use in different versions.

Download GSD File Converter

You can use the GSD converter 1.02 for Graphtec Robomaster to open files made in earlier versions. Currently many people using Quickutz Silhouette have upgraded to version 4.54 on Quickutz website and others using other cutter cannot open free, shared files.

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  1. Bonnie Easterday says

    found error 404 not found.. when tring to access the GSD CONVERTER…
    please advise..
    thank you

  2. says

    I would love to download the GSD file converter but the link says “error 404 file not found”. Can you please send me the proper link to the file??

    Thanks so much!

  3. Shera- Scrapbooking and Craft Queen :-) says

    Hi- the link has been fixed and download is working again!

  4. Christine says

    Fantastic and it works too. This has saved me having to update the software I have already. Many thanks for this.

  5. Deb Pereira says

    I downloaded the converter file and chose one gsd file to convert. The file converted and renamed. I use a PC and after opening a blank document in Robo Master I click insert file and find were the converted digital file is stored on my computer. I open the GSD files and select the converted one to import. I receive an error message that says “file format is not supported.” What am I doing wrong? Help!

  6. Michelle P says

    You should just be able to open it by going to File, Open and then locate where the GSD file is. When the file is saved in the Silhouette Studio it will become a .studio extension rather then a GSD extension.

  7. vicky quinn says

    Can someone please tell me how I can change my GSD and SVG files into bitmap files? I recently bought an older Roland Camm1 cutter. But the only software I have with it right now is the Dr. Stika Plus software. If I can save my files as bitmap files, the Dr. Stika program will open them and the Roland cutter will cut them. Thanks for any help or info. Vicky Quinn

  8. Klau says

    I’m a Mac user. I guess this is a PC software. Do you know where can I find one for Mac? Before I used to convert my svg files by using the inkscape and saving them like dxf but my Robo Master doesn’t work for Mac so I had to change to the Silhouette Studio software. Thanks.

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