Download Create-a-Face Software for Your Paper Dolls

Create-A-Face is a program for windows that lets you create build and print unique paper doll faces for your paper doll and use with die cuts for scrapbooking and card making. . You can use with Sizzix®, Tracerkins®, Jill’s Paper Doll World®, and Punchkins® paper dolls.

Free Create-a-Face Paper Doll Software for Sizzix, etc

You can download Create a Face software here on my site.

Create A Face Expansion Packs

This zipped file also includes 2 Expansion Packs for Create-A-Face offering more option for eyes, ears , moth and noses for you paper dolls!
Choose from these popular paper doll templates and make and print faces for these paper doll brands:
Sizzix Bitty Doll
Sizzix Dress-Ups Body
Sizzix Large Doll
Tracerkins Baby Body
Tracerkins Large Body
Tracerkins Teen Body
TracerkinsToddler Body
Ellison Paper Pal Large Doll
Emagination Super Jumbo Paper Doll
Jill’s Paper Doll World- Adult Body
Jill’s Paper Doll Word- Baby Body
Jill’s Paper Doll Word- Child Body
Punchkins Body

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Instructions for Using Create a Face Software with Paper Dolls

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Excellent instructions on how to use the Create a Face Software can be found on Card’s By Karlum here


  1. Susan says

    I have downloaded the Create-a-face software and it doesn’t work for me. I was wondering if anyone else has had problems before.

  2. Kathy says

    I have tried many times to download this program. It will never completly download. I’m sure it’s a great program. I just wish it would download for me. It always gets 44% downloaded, and then stops.

  3. AzAnna says

    I just downloaded this and had no problems at all. I’ve got it running now. I’m going through the tutorial. Thank you so much for making this available!!! LOVE YOUR WEBSITE!!!

  4. Lin says

    Downloaded just fine – really easy. Runs well and seems very, very easy to use. I will have a play. Thank you so much – what fun!

  5. Carol Villa says

    I had no problem downloading – however, I’d like to know if there is a way to copy and paste completed face so I can use with SCAL?
    Any info appreciated

  6. Karen says

    Just wondering if anyone knew when the create-a-face software was available for mac users??

  7. Shirley says

    I used to be able to use this software when my Operating System was the older Windows version. Now I use the Windows XP and it does not work anymore. I also tried to reinstall and halfway through installation, it gives me an error message. It doesn’t work anymore. :-( I wish the creators of the software could make an updated version that goes well with the newer Windows XP. I am willing to pay for it.

  8. Bonnie says

    To Shirley
    Have you tried the program compatibility wizard under accessories on the start window?

  9. Lola says

    I’ve downloaded and use, it says there is additional, but when i go to the sight, says subspended??? Is there a addition to it anymore?

    Thanks for the Freebie .

  10. Joanne says

    Hi! Thanks for your awesome website. The link for the instructions on how to use the Create a Face Software doesnt work. I searched the site and i couldnt find it. Can you help?

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