Cut SVG Files on Cricut- Cut Without Cartridges on Cricut Machine

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As of now the the ONLY way to cut files on a Cricut without using a Cricut cartridge is using the Sure Cuts A Lot software.

Provocraft sells “theme” cartridges for the Cricut with one or two fonts and several images images you can cut on your Cricut. The cost of the cartridges is in the 50-100.00 range, although you can often find on sale.
When you use Sure Cuts A Lot ( SCAL) software you are able to cut ANY true type font installed on your computer using your Cricut.. You can collect literally thousands of free fonts on the Internet and install on your PC or Mac.

Fonts are also available in dingbat format and in this way you can cut intricate shapes with no extra learning curve.

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if you like, you can use Sure Cuts A Lot to cut designs from SVG files format. You can cut SVG files with your Cricut.
.You can find free SVG files on craft sites, buy them for relatively little money on cutting file sites or make your own.
I offer free SVG files every Friday and often post free SVG files and designs throughout the week.
You can make or design your own SVG files you would use a vector image program like Adobe Illustrated or free program called Inkscape. You can make SVG files from clipart, images , photos or your own designs.

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  1. Laurie fairley says

    I was just wondering I have heard a lot about “Sure Cuts A Lot” and it can cut so many different fonts but what about the shape cartiges. Cricut came out with a new one called “Life’s A Beach” will I be able to cut shapes out like that?

  2. Shera- Scrapbooking and Craft Fanatic says

    Hi as well as cutting out any True Type font installed on your computer ( and there are ZILLIONS available for free download)you can cut shapes. Most of the files I offer here on my site are available in SVG format and cut on your Cricut used with SCAL. There are other free sites to download SVG files and you can also buy designs made to work with SCAL as well.

    You can also use free software program, Inkscape to create your own shapes and save in SVG format to cut with SCAL on your Cricut.

  3. Laurie says

    SCAL sounds exciting, but for one who is computer illiterat, it sounds very confusing. I have been told by many many computer people not to download anything that is “free” because of viruses. I have had problems with this myself. I don’t even know what an SVG file is, can this be made more simple to understand and use?

  4. says

    Since the cricut sports a usb connection, there will be tons of hacks
    That would allow you to cut anything you want. Its been done on
    Many more complicated things like, the ipod/iphones pcs etc. Ill bet that there are websites devoted to cricut hacking out there now!. I love hacking stuff
    Like this, as most men do. Yes A male cricut user scrapbooker card maker
    Suprised? Lol!

  5. Becki Jo says

    Zipmix – I recently got a Cuttlebug even after having a Cricut Expression. I use it to emboss use my Nestabilities for quick cuts when making cards. I have maybe 5 dies and do plan to get more later, but Cricut can cut basically anything I want. I have downloaded at least a thousand (free)svg files and love using them. I own ONE cartridge and that’s the one that came with my Expression and you do have to have one cartridge in place in order for SCAL to function.

    I started out with SCAL and upgraded to SCAL2 so you could say I’ve spent around $100 plus I have so many svg files, extra fonts and dingbats. You can’t beat that !!

  6. Cindy says

    First let me say, I love this site, you guys are awesome and creative!! I bought scal 2 as soon as I purchased my cricut when I saw how much the cricut cartridges are. You can go to google and images and type in what you are looking for ex dolphin svg files and get anything you want that way on top of all the free sites such as this one. I love my cricut and my scal 2, I must say I forgot I did purchase the design studio and found it about worthless since it just sits on my desktop now, because with scal 2 you can adjust things also. With design studio you can’t cut what you see as it asks for the cartridge and won’t allow you to cut it until you insert THAT cartridge if that is a help to any of you out there. A cricut and SCAL 2 is all you’ll ever need unless you emboss also then the low cost cuttlebug goes well with cricut.

  7. T says

    So you plug your PC into your Cricut to be able to print docs you have saved? can someone provide a brief step by step on this as I am new to all this.

    Thank you!

  8. says

    You can go to Google and pictures, and before the SVG file you are looking for dolphins and get something like this when you want, on top of all types of free websites way.

  9. says

    I have created a bunch of svg files for Sure Cuts a Lot. They all link from my blog and I post free ones as well that you can download and use.


  10. Dawn says

    Make the Cut no longer supports Cricut Cutters. I purchased the software back in 2009 and went to their site for an upgrade and it no longer supports CC. :(

  11. Kenna says

    I recently purchased the Anniversary edition of the Cricut Expression. I love the touch screen and want to order Sure A Lot to have many fonts and pictures at my fingertips. I have heard that Cricut no longer will work with Sure A Lot and then I hear differently. I would love to purchase your product but need to know if it will work.

  12. Evelyn Robinson says

    I would like to know as well if the SCAL program will work with the Cricut Expression 2. I want to buy the program but want to make sure it will work for me.

    Please respond. Thanks.

  13. Lisa-Free Cutting Files and Craft Ideas says

    No, there is no third party software or any software anymore that will let you cut your own images or fonts with any of the Cricuts.

  14. MrsA says

    Where can I get SCAL 2? I have a cricut bought it 3 years ago but with the high cost of cartridges and limited images I dont use it much. I’d like to design my own but am really disappointed that the new SCAL 3 does not work with cricut. Please if anyone knows where I can obtain a version 2 please let me know.

  15. Lisa-Free Cutting Files and Craft Ideas says

    @MrsA you cant get SCAL 2 anymore. Cricut successfully sued several 3rd party software makers so none of them will work with Provo Craft machines.
    You best bet is to pick up an older Silhouette off ebay or similar. You can grab for under 100 dollars.


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