Convert SVG to GSD File- How to Cut SVG files on Quickutz Silhouette

Often you may come across a site or a free filel that is not int he right format for you machine. SVG files are a popular format for people who are using a Cricut machine with SCAL software.
While you can.t cut and SVG file on your Quickutz Silhouette, you can take a couple of minutes and convert it to a file it will recognize.

How to Convert SVG File to GSD

1. Download and install free program, Inkscape. You can also use Adobe Illustrator however Inkscape is a free vector graphics application.

2- Open Inkscape.

3. Open the SVG file you want to convert to GSD ( not import, open). The file will most likely be upside down. don’t worry about it, can fix in Robomaster later.
Move the image to bottom left corner.

4. SAVE As: DXF file.

5. Open Robo Master, them File- Load DXF…
Move images to centre of screen ( when you rotate you may lose some of the images so this stops that from happening).
Rotate so its not upside down:
Select all the pieces, then right click- Position Settings, check keep aspect ratio box then change angle to 180 degrees, save.

6. All the cut lines will be black, so change those. ( Highlight object then change line colour which by default is light blue).

7. Save As… GSD.
Really not as complicated as it sounds- whole process can be done in under 2 mins.

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Any questions- please post in comments section.

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  1. Barb C. says

    I’m trying to pull an svg file into inkscape and then open with Robo Master to cut on my Silhouette SD. I get to step 5 and it’s trying to open the dxf file but doesn’t. Can you tell me what I’m doing wrong?

  2. Twila says

    I think you’re doing the same thing I was in Robo Master. Don’t try to Open the .dxf file, rather on the File menu select “Load DXF…”

  3. ingrid says

    Every thing works like you state in the directions…but is there a way to select all the pieces at one time in either Inkscape or Robo Master.

    there are some very fine cuts out there and the pieces are very small, any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks for all the information.

  4. Carol says

    Hi ! This is a great tip ! However, when I click “file” and “load dxf” and click the saved image, the following message appears: “no valid data.” I’m wondering what I’m doing wrong :( ….

  5. Eva says

    Thanks for this info on converting. I seem to be having some problems though. I saved the file as dxf when in Inkscape, but when I open Xyron Wishblade (which is like Robo Master) it says Load DXF file but when I navigate to my folder none of the files are recognized. It sounds so easy….I must be doing something wrong.

  6. Marilena says

    I have tried that but when I am on load DXF in craft robo it says file not valid. Please advise. What am I doing wrong?

  7. Pat says

    I have only had my Silhouette a few days and had heard that there was a way to do this, so was very excited to find your site and I tried what you said and it worked. Your instructions were great and I had no problems at all. Can hardly wait to learn more. Thank you so much.

  8. Sarah says

    Thanks for this tip, it worked really well. Now is there any way I can make my own cutting files on Inkscape and transfer them to RoboMaster?

  9. Lisa-Free Cutting Files and Craft Ideas says

    hi yes- create your files in inkscape and load into Robomaster as DXF file, then save as gsd.

  10. Ashley says

    Thank you so much for the tutorial. I’m having the same problem as Barb. I am clicking Load DXF and ROBO doesn’t do anything. It sits there with the hour glass and I have to ctrl alt delete to close it and open it again. Any idea as to what I’m doing wrong? Could my image in Inkscape be too larger or something?

  11. Jessica Grijalva says

    Hmmm… I wonder what I’m doing wrong?… I downloaded inkscape, saved as dxf, but in my silhouette software there is no “load dxf” And I can’t open it, nothing shows up. Please help!

  12. Marion says

    I am having the same problem as a few others in trying to load my dxf file in robo master to convert to a GSD and cut outl It is very frustrating. Any more ideas?

  13. reelcrafts says

    HELP! My silhouette SD does not have a “load” function. How do I bring in a .dxf if I can’t use the load feature. When I just go to open, nothing is on the mat.

  14. Liz says

    Silhouette SD users this is what I did and it works! Once you get to step 5 go to “File – Open.” Change your file type to “All Files” and find the DXF file you just saved. Give it a little time to load. My file opened with white lines so you have to change the color so you can see it. Go to “Open the line color” window to pick a different color. I just cut a logo that I scanned and it looks perfect. Have fun!!!

  15. Eileen says

    I have gone through the steps and saved the .dxf file, but when I open it in Robo Master there is nothing there. Have I missed something?
    When I am saving the dxf file in inkscape, it gives me the options of either ‘Use ROBO-MASTER type of spline output, or ‘Use LWPOLYLINE type of output. I have tried both options but with the same result
    Hope you can help

  16. Sarah says

    I used Inkscape to convert the file to dxf, and then I used the Silhouette software (downloadable for free and works with my old blue wishblade!) to import the dxf file directly into my library, adding tags so that when the library gets really unmanageable, files can still be found by keyword. I eliminated the step of having to use the Robomaster software, and I can highly recommend the Silhouette software, though I have yet to use it to cut, it works great in every other respect… can’t wait to try it out!

  17. Sharyn Guthrie says

    Why am I not getting my files to convert? Iam opening them in Inkscape, saving them to dxf, Inkscape says that if I save data will be lost. When I open the file in Robmaster, there is nothing in the file. Please help..


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