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Updated October 2011

Looking for SCAL Sure Cuts A Lot Coupon Code?

Craft Edge , the developers of SCAL software for Cricut die cutting machines have a promotion on- they are offering 10% off the price off their SCAL software.
In a nutshell, SCAL lets you cut files on your Cricut without using any cartridges. You can cut any True Type font installed on your computer, including dingbats ( shapes) as well as cut using SVG file images. You can find free SVG files on my site as well as many other on the Internet.

Newest Coupon code for SCAL Sure Cuts A Lot :
I post newest SCAL coupon code as soon as it becomes available.
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Latest SCAL Coupon code is for 10% off – I don’t know when it will expire. This worked as of Feb. 28 2011.

SCAL Coupon Code: 9388463
and use HERE to Buy SCAL Sure Cuts A Lot on Craft Edge website.

UPGRADE for existing SCAL users to newer SCAL 2 .
Click here for more info

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Another new SCAL Coupon Code is for $ 16.00 of the purchase price and is a it better value than the 10% off. This is first time I have seen this promotion and is best value I have seen in last year.
It expires February 15th, 2009
$16.00 off SCAL Coupon Code: 2237421
and use HERE to Buy SCAL with coupon code now.

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More info on SCAL- SCAL Home Page
Buy SCAL ( Sure Cuts A Lot) software using coupon code

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