1. Hi,
    I just found out about SCAL but it is now June 8/09. Is there another 10% off coupon out there that you know of or could you tell me where to look? Thanks a lot!

  2. Ellie- they come out with them all the time- I post as soon as I find out about them. Next time I see one I will email you 😉

  3. Would you please also send me an email if there is another SCAL coupon code, please. I just found your site and was interested in purchasing the SCAL. Thanx a bunch!!!

  4. The next coupon is coming out June 29th. I will try and remember to email you…

  5. The coupon was supposed to b released today- as son as I get it I will post!

  6. Hi Neatna- will email it to you when next one comes out.

  7. Hi there,

    I too tried the other codes and they must be expired. If by chance that you get the new code, can you please send my way as well? I am very excited to purchase the SCAL software!

    Thanks very much!

  8. H Amanda- When new one comes out I will post right away- so check back. I will try and remeber to email you as well.

  9. Lisa, thanks for posting the coupon when it comes out. Please add me to the list for your email. I have been going back and forth about ordering SCAL, and the 10% will help. I am soooo new to all this that I am sure I will be on your site a lot so I can learn. Thanks in advance!

  10. Hello,
    I purchased my cricket a month ago, I am considering purchasing SCAL, I don’t see the point in buying expensive cartridges. (edit)

    Thank you,

  11. It is a shame that I am a little bit late to use this coupon, but I will be waiting for new coupons from you, Lisa. Thanks for doing such a great job for us. Scal is an amazing software and I am even afraid to think how much time I have lost before I started using it.

  12. is scal the only software you can use with cricut? I have adobe illustrator is was told I could use that software but I don’t see anywhere a place to cut the project? how do i cut with this software is it is possible?

  13. Hi, I just found out about this cool svg stuff. I noticed the last entry was July 2010 and we’re rounding out of Sept 2010 now – when would another coupon come out – or where do you find it to post? Really looking forward to getting this soon! Thanks alot!

  14. Better late than never, but I am jumping on board the SCAL bandwagon. But I would like to TRY and wait for a coupon! Can someone post if a new one comes out?! Thanks so much!

  15. They have not had a new SCAL couple for several months. I believe they have discontinued the coupon program.

  16. They have not come out with coupon code since July. I don’t think they are doing the coupon codes any more.

  17. I love to melt my own words for text…this weekend, I made a Clone Trooper for my son’s birthday. He loved it! He uses it for a template to draw his own.

  18. Hi, thanks for the coupon code 9388463. I ordered my SCAL software today (30 January 2011) and it worked for 10% off. Thank you again.

  19. Just where did u end up getting the points to create ““Coupon Code for SCAL ( Sure Cuts
    A Lot) Software for Cricut”? Thanks for the post -Chad

  20. an Annie costume for the paper dolls would be cute also betty & wilma to go with the fred & barbnie Thanks 🙂

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