Download Trial Version of SCAL (Sure Cuts A Lot) Software

If you own a Cricut cutting machine

you may want to try SCAL software by Craftedge. SCAL will let you cut any true type font installed on your computer (and there are THOUSANDS of free ones available.) so you can make your own titles for scrapbook pages and sentiments, etc for cards.

You can also cut images without a cartridge. The images must be in a format SCAL software can recognize. The most common is and SVG file and SCAL creates files in SCUT format. You can find tons of free images on the internet ( here on my site for example) and you can also buy stunning designs for very little cost ( .25 – 2.00) range depending on the file.

SVG is a file format most associated with vector imaging software like Adobe Illustrator and there is a free vector design program called Inkscape. You can take time to learn how to create you own images and cut in your Cricut.

This can be intimidating for some and I think most users are just happy enough to be able to 1000’s of fonts on their Cricut. With a very small learning curve you an weld your titles and cut ( All the letters are joined together) on Cricut. Having spend hours gluing down individual letters this is well worth the price of the software in my opinion :)

The trial version creates large cutting marks when you cut but its a good way to see if you will find it useful.

Try SCAL before you Buy

SCAL costs 90.00 for them to mail you cd or you can download for 75.00- There is is often a coupon code for SCAL available for 10% discount.

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Download Trial Version of SCAL Sure Cuts A Lot HERE under “Downloads”


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