Which is Better – Glue Glider Pro or ATG Gun ?

Glue Glider Pro Adhesive Runner

I have been meaning to write about this and never seem to have a second. Can’t believe it tool so long for scrapbook tools makers to figure out they were missing an opportunity. Scrapbookers and card makers were spending oodles of cash on adhesive guns originally used for picture framing called ATG Guns. They were being used as an “uber” tape runner. They also come with a hefty price tag- typically 50-60 dollars but refills are CHEAP .

So finally someone got smart and developed an ATG gun aimed a paper crafters AND made it a more manageable size, made it a pretty pink and slapped a better price tag on it. You can usually find one for about 15-20.00.

It called the Glue Glider Pro. It is significantly smaller than ATG gun and more comfortable to use however the refills cost more- a lot more.

Glue Glider Pro Comparison to ATG Gun

3M Scotch ATG714 Adhesive Applicator, Red For 1/2 Inch Tape

If cost is a factor – and most people are buying the ATG gun because of the cost, then the Glue Glider Pro is not a good option.

After months of searching for the perfect tape runner I settled on the tombow mono andEZ Runner ( tho the EZ runner is not refillable) . I also prefer the Tombow dots refill and hate the reposition able.

The cost per foot of the Glue Glider pro refill is about 3 times the cost of a Tombow refill.

So If you are looking to save money then stick with your Tombow.

Comfort wise it is about 1/3 the size of ATG gun and easier to use- there is no trigger to push when you release glue. If weight and ease of use was your problem with ATG and cost not a big deal- then go out buy the Glue Glider Pro– you will love it.

Cost wise, you just cant beat the ATG gun.

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The gun itself is a big initial investment of about 60.00. The cost of ATG 1/4 Inch refills is what makes the product so popular. I roll of 108 feet refill is under 3.00.

Tombow refills are Glue Glider pro refillsl are 39 feet and usually cost more.

Another factor is how easy it is to find refills. You can find Glue Glider Pro and other refills and your local scrapbook store or Craft chains like Hobby Lobby. You are pretty stuck with ordering ATG gun refills online from online scrapbook stores or Amazon. Most people will by refills by the case.

Which A Scrapbook Adhesive Should I buy ATG or Glue Glider Pro

The reason most people buy an ATG gun is because of cost. They are bulky and can be uncomfortable to use. The glue is in my opinion superior to other glues .If you are a power adhesive user you will get used to the size and you will love it. ATG gun owners will rank it as their favorite tool.

If you like the idea of ATG gun but put off by size and you are okay with cost of refills then go for it. Refills are also readily available.

It is a well made tool and easy to use- cost is pretty much the only issue. I do find it easier to use and refill than Tombow or other tape runners.

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ATG 1/4 Inch refills

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  1. Lynn says

    I have had the ATG for about 2 years. Cost wise,it is fantastic.I just got a glue glider pro. I find I use the ATG for sticking down larger pieces. When it comes to smaller sizes or something that only needs a smidge, the glue glider is easier to handle. If you had to choose only one, I would go with the ATG. But if you do a ton of items, (I sell items in local stores at at craft and art shows), it makes sense to have both. Also, if you go to crops, the glue glider is much smaller and easier to carry. Like most everything, they both have their plusses and minuses.

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