New Product from Provocraft for Cricut: The Gypsy

Provocraft is being very secretive about their newest product- The Gypsy.

update: Here is video of the Gypsy in Action:

Provocraft make all the Cricut machines

as well as Cuttlebug
manual cutter and dies.
The Gypsy is is set to be released in 2 weeks at the end of July. It is designed as a portable system to use instead of your Cricut cartrdidges and Cricut Design Studio without using computer.

Picture of New Provocraft Gypsy from Cricut

picture of provocraft cricut gypsy

What is The Provo craft Gypsy?

The Gypsy is like a portable Cricut Design Studio. You can use the functions of design studio without a computer.

More Info on the Provo craft Gypsy

So You can:
-Uses a stylus on touch screen.
– You store all your cartridges on the Gypsy and leave Cricut cartridges at home.
– Comes with 2 cartridges pre-loaded into device
– works with all Cricut machines and cartridges
– You can weld, re-size and preview. ( Quikutz Silhouette SD creators take note!)
– Will store your own Cricut Design studio creation
– Stores all your manuals.

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Videos of Provocraft Gypsy

Provocraft has come up with a HILARIOUS series of videos to promote the new Gypsy. The are eally, really funny and wwell worth watching. Any scrapbooker will find themselves lauging- they sure do capture are obsession!

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  1. says

    I loved these videos. Not only is the Cricut Gypsy one amazing little device, but I love the new silicone sleeves and styluses for it too! So jealous of everybody that got to score one of those HSN bundles!

    Did you get one?

  2. Harmony says

    I had a Gypsy that would shut off on it’s own, so after 5 calls, they sent me a “new” Gypsy. This one shuts off more than the last! I called yet AGAIN about this “new” Gypsy and this time spoke directly to Mark the manager of Gypsy, he essentially blew me off!!! I am so very disappointed with PC right now! I am an extremely loyal costumer, having almost every maching they make and many cartridges, not to mention the other misc PC products and now I get ignored when they produce a crap product. Unless I get resolution with my Gypsy, I will NEVER recomend another PC product again.

  3. says

    My Cricut froze solid after I plugged in a new Gypsy. It uploaded software but froze half way through. I already unplugged it and I can’t see any reset buttons.

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