New Version of SCAL Sure Cuts Alot Software for Cricut SCAL Version 2

Craftedeg has come out with a new upgrade version of SCAL, the software program that allows you to cut images and type with your Cricut cutter without using any cartridges,
If you bought the old version after June 22, 2009 you can upgrade for free. Upgrade Sure Cuts Alot HERE
Users of the older version can upgrade (for a limited time only!) for 30.00 Upgrade SCAL HERE
New users can buy the software for 75.00 HERE

Craftedge will often release a coupon code, usually a 10 % discount, you can find current codes here, Coupon Code for SCAL Sure Cuts Alot.

What the New Version of SCAl Does:
* New ways to maniuplate ond organize objects including Select All, Group and Ungrouping
* Add multiple pages
* Use layers to organize objects within a page
* Modify text more easily
* Auto tracing feature to automatically convert images
* Show rulers using inches or centimeters
* Mac version is expected to be released later this year.

Chris Durnan of Visual Designs has created a comprehensive comparison sheet they shows you the difference between SCAL v.1 and SCAL v.2.
The ability to group, ungroup and modify text is deal breaker for me- i would fork out the extra 30 bucks and upgrade.

SCAL Sure Cuts Alot Comparison Sheet

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  1. says

    Hi My problem has been I just got the cricute mini but I would like to cut out my on clip art that I have saved on my computer. I have here the only way to do that is with scale2 I downloaded scale 3 but the cricut is not on that one can someone please help I would like to start usning my cutter.

    Thank you Renee Gosier

  2. Lisa-Free Cutting Files and Craft Ideas says

    @renne you can no longer use 3rd party software to cut on a Cricut anything. You used to be able to use SCAL, Make the Cut and Fairycut but Provocraft ( makers of Cricut) sued everyone.

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