Birthday Card Ideas? Card for Man’s Birthday

I am on a hunt for a birthday card idea for my brother. He is turning 40 this this week and wanted to do something special
Normally I would design myself but I am in middle of a move and trying to pack up my craft stuff and really would like to find a sensational one to download or or purchase. If you have seen one or have one for sale please let me know. I am sorry to take the lazy way and not spend time hunting down myself!!!
I was hoping to find a clean, simple one with bit of a wow factor- I know- impossible :-)

Please post in comments section. If you are able give me permission and I will post photo of your design here .
Thanks so much !


  1. says

    This easiest and best card for a man I know of is at

    Go to freeclasses, and click on webisodes, then scroll down until you find man shirt.

    All it takes is 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper and some brads.

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