Make the Cut Software for Digital Craft Cutting Machines ( Silhouette SD, Pazzles, Klic n Kut ,etc

make the cut software

Best Price for Make the Cut Craft Cutter Software

Make the Cut is on sale now for 58.36 ( reg. 79.85) Link to Buy Make The Cut on sale HERE
I have been trying out and working with the 3rd party software for craft cutting machines, the newest one is Make the Cut ( MTC).
I usually design my files in KNK Studio or Adobe Illustrator but I do like the some of the features in MTC that I cant find anywhere else- particularly the “instant” lattice feature and if you are wanting to do designs with rhinestones this is the software to get.

Make the Cut
works with these cutting machines:

All Klic-N-Kut™ models
Pazzles Inspiration™
BossKut Gazelle™
Black Cat Cougar/Lynx™ series
CraftWell’s eCraft™
Craft ROBO™

Example of Make the Cut Lattice Feature

make the cut lattice feature:

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MTC software takes your craft cutter to the next level. I use my Robo Master software for about 6 months before making leap to 3rd party software. For basic use Silhouette studio and Inkscape is fine ( tho I am not a fan of Inkscape to be honest). If you want to create your own shapes, easily weld YOUR OWN fonts to create Titles for Scrapbooks, Cards or Vinyl design you really need somethign a bit more. Make the Cut is probably the easiest to use. SCAL is also another good one but does not work with Klic and Kut.

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