High Hopes for New Cutter from KNK- ZING Craft Cutter


KNK announced last week that they will be offering up a new cutter- the KNK Zing. The cutter may prove to have the best of all the cutters AND at projected price of 399.00 its a great price packed with features.

The feature I find most exciting is the cutting width- the new Zing will cut up to a 14 inch width. Compare that to Silhouette’s
8 1/2 inches , the KNK Groove-E only cuts 13″ and is over twice the price. This will be a huge bonus for people who crave more cutting space for projects like fancy boxes.

To put in perspective- many people (including me) jumped into the digital cutter marker with a Silhouette. The biggest complaint most Silhouette users have is the cutting width- Many have been anticipating the release of a new Silhouette
model and looking forward to a 12 inch model. To be able to get a 14 inch cutter with even more features seems like a no brainer.

Print and Cut laser alignment will take the headaches out of print and cuts ( There is nothing that has caused me more frustration than print and cuts. I have tried print and cut features on both my older model KNK and Silhouette and really find it a HUGE hassle)

The Zing will come bundled with Make the Cut ( MTC) software . This is a big change for KNK. The have usually bundled their cutters with KNK Studio software. I have been using KNK Studio for several years now and is software I use most to design files but I can see the typical craft cutter finding some of the interface overwhelming. Make the Cut is actually quite powerful and a very user friendly design that I think most crafters will find easy to use with a smaller learner curve than most 3rd party cutting software.
I loathe Silhouette Studio and Inkscape. I have tried to like SCAL ( Sure Cuts Alot) and most people won’t have patience or cash for Adobe Illustrator.
I have never tried Fairy Cut ( which at this time is only cutting software that will let you cut your own images with Cricut… but litigation happy Provocraft I’m sure will shut that down soon)

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Crazy high cutting force of the new Zing is 750 grams – just shy of the 800 grams KNK Groove offers… and blows Silhouettes 250 grams out of the water.
Cutting force let you cut heavier materials like chipboard.I even notice problems with my silhouette just cutting heavy Bazzil cardstock.

New Zing is made almost entirely of metal. Wow. Remember the days when you bought one vacuum cleaner in your life time? These were made out of metal and LASTED.
I have had a 600.00 Meile mostly plastic vacuum for almost 2 years. The wheels fly off, cracks arebon body from kids dragging up stairs , etc and on weekend I was lamenting the lost art of building stuff that lasts.

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KNk Zing’s feature packed machine ( tho keep in mind I have not seen the machine nor have most people) – the cutting force, the laser eye, the compact size , the huge cutting width AND entry level pricing of 399.99 this might be the cutter that sets the new bar.


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    Thank you for posting this. Very useful information. I want to switch from using my Cricut to something that supports me being able to do my own designs and use my 1000s of fonts WITH the capability of cutting chipboard. I already love MTC so that’s a bonus. Seems like this might be the machine for me! And who knows, at the retail price of $400, there may be some great deals out there for much less than that. Thanks again, very very helpful!

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