New Gift Box Cutting File- Handbag Cutting File in Make the Cut, GSD, SVG and KNK formats.

I did up a little gift box cutting file shaped like a dainty purse file a few weeks ago that was the perfect gift box for a pair earrings or jewelery. ( see Purse Gift Box Cutting File in GSD SVG KNK and MTC formats)
Tonight I did up another free gift box cutting file- this one is slightly larger. I am quite pleased with myself- this cut perfectly on the first test cut! I couldn’t believe it.
It has been such a horrific week and didn’t expect anything to go right.
Imagine my dismay that with one of the more complicated cutting files I have ever done to have it work right out of the gate!
Normally I screw up setting origin, mat isn’t sticky enough or I forget to make a outline a pounce line… but not tonight! Was very thrilled.

I am have been cutting with KNK Studio or Studio GE for about 4 years now and recently switched over to Make the Cut. I would like to hear from others who have used both- I am finding less problem in general using Make the Cut. The cuts come out cleaner and so far no issues communicating with machine. KNK Studio is a GREAT program and it can’t be beat if you want to create designs from scratch but I do think cutting is easier with MTC.

Print Your Own Christmas Scrapbook Paper

I started off with printing my own paper. I have become a big fan of Lettering Delights and used “Argyle” pattern from Peppermint Holiday Paper Pack– costs only 2 bucks. ( You can use most photo editing application like Photoshop to print- I do use Make the Cut to print printable papers. See short video tutorial if you’d like to try)

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Free Gift Box Cutting File

I like to play with scale with the paper and in picture of my purse gift boxes below you can see two gift boxes using the same paper. I just changed the scale when printing in MTC. The two papers used below are both Argyle from Peppermint Holiday Paper Pack. I printed one on white cardstock ( smaller print) and the other using glossy photo paper from dollar store.

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Purse/ Handbag Gift Box

Video Tutorial on Printing Printable Paper with Make the Cut! using Lettering Delights Paper Packs


  1. LaRae says

    I love this little purse or should I say “large” purse. It will be perfect for gift giving and I can see filling it with home made goodness from candies and cookies to a beautiful card or jewelry! Thank you so much for sharing and giving to us in this holiday season. Bless you!

  2. Maragie Manuel says

    Thanks so much for the purse file as well as the tutorial. I am new to this so I need all the help I can get!

  3. says

    What an adorable purse!! Thank you so much for sharing your files with us. I appreciate the time and effort that goes into it as I have yet to learn how to make my own.

  4. kendell says

    Thanks once again for sharing your projects so freely, they are really appreciated. Kindest regards

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