Printing Your Own Scrapbook Paper- Use Make the Cut to Print your Own Scrapbooking Paper!

I am have been cutting with KNK Studio or Studio GE for about 4 years now and recently switched over to Make the Cut. I would like to hear from others who have used both- I am finding less problem in general using Make the Cut. The cuts come out cleaner and so far no issues communicating with machine. I admit I found getting setting just right to cut effortlessly with KNK Studio a but tricky at times.

One of things I have discovered that I LOVE about Make the Cut is you can easily print your own scrapbook paper.There are many places on the internet where you can find free printable papers- however I have really enjoyed working with Lettering Delights printable papers. I don’t mind paying for papers that co-ordinate well, look great and print perfectly every time. The packs are usually 2.00 or less and I use over and over. I use both white cardstock and glossy photopaper ( which I pick up at dollar store for next to nothing). I was worried about ink cost but I discovered a discount supplier of ink and very happy. I use an inkjet printer and very curious how they would look with color laser printer.

Take a peek and browse through Lettering Delights Paper Packs Now!

The two papers used below are both Argyle from Peppermint Holiday Paper Pack. I printed one on white cardstock ( smaller print) and the other using glossy photo paper.

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Video Tutorial on Printing Printable Paper with Make the Cut! using Lettering Delights Paper Packs

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  1. Sherry says

    Wohoo! I just learned something new, I love it! Now I can match the paper & tags and any other shape I create in MTC-Thanks

  2. Kelly D says

    OH my gosh!!! This is so AWESOME!!! Thank you so much. I LOVE LD’s papers, and did not think about using it this way!! WOO HOO!!! GREAT job!! I love your site, and all of your files. Thanks again!!

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