Christmas Contest – Win “Best Scrapbooking Tools” Contest!

Update: and The Winner is:

Sending out Cricut Scandinavian Christmas Cards Cartridge to winner !

I had so much fun with my last contest, Best Christmas Scrapbook Paper Collection Contest – Win Your Favorite Christmas Scrapbook Paper! , I wanted to give it another go.

This time I am listing what are some of my favorite scrapbooking tools- some old favorites and some new ones- and offering a chance to win one of these scrapbook tools or embellishments.

Pick a favorite and you have a chance to win that scrapbooking tool or supplies.
How do you win? You can enter 2 ways.
1) Comment on your Blog and link to this page – pick a favorite scrapbook tool from the list below and then tell me why you love it and what you might do with it.
2) Pick a scrapbook tool from list below and make a comment on this post.
Simply tell me which Scrapbook tool you would like to win, what you might do with it and why. ( you need to include an email address so I can contact you )

Contest closes next Monday at midnight- December 19th… so I can try and get shipped out in time for Christmas.
Winners will be chosen at random using “And the Winner Is…. “. The winner of Christmas 2011 Best Scrapbooking Tool Contest will be posted next day.

Rules for Best Scrapbooking Tools Contest

A few conditions. Contest is open to anyone in United States and Canada.
In the event your prize is not available for shipping or out of stock I may ask you for a second choice or offer similar prize i.e gift certificate.
Winner will be announced and contacted for shipping details. If after 7 days I don’t hear back from you a second winner will be chosen and first place prize is forfeited.
How many times can you enter? You can enter once a day til contest closes. If you enter more than twice in a day your second comment will be deleted and excluded from contest.
I THINK I have covered everything. Good Luck every one!

Here are some of my Top Scrapbook Tools for 2011:

1.Fiskars 12-Inch Portable Paper Trimmer.
Why do you like this paper trimmer?

2.Cricut Tool Kit for Cutting Machines Not just for Cricket lovers- this is a versatile set- Why?

3. Putting these two together:
Basic Grey Precision File Set and Basic Grey Rub-On Roller Stylus Tool. What do you see yourself doing with these scrapbook tools?

4. Crop-A-Dile Eyelet & Punch Kit I use this alot in card making- what would you do with this tool?

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5. Scor Pal Measure & Score Board Paper Crafter Tool

6. For Cricut Users : Cricut Scandinavian Christmas Cards Cartridge

Winter Woodland is one of my favorite Cricut cartridges great for Christmas and Winter crafting. Why would you like to win this?

8. Must include my favorite papers! Little Black Dress 12X12 Collection Pack

9. Basic Grey Indie Bloom 12X12 Collection Pack. What do you like about this paper pack?

10. LOVE this: Picadilly 12X12 Collection Pack How about you?

11. Sew Easy Products – I am putting these together to win as a set:
Sew Easy Stitch Piercer & Handle
Sew Easy Stitch Piercer: Zig Zag
Sew Easy Stitch Piercer: Cross
These are SEW fun to work with! What would you do with these?

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12. Set of Copic Ciao Markers . Do you use these markers? Ever wanted to try?


  1. Kandy says

    I would love to see a set of Copic Markers. I haven’t tried them but would certainly love to check them out.

  2. jamie schnirch says

    I would love to win the Copic markers. I have some, but not enough! :-) I use them with my stamped images, mostly in making greeting cards. They are awesome!
    Thanks for the lovely poinsettia file!

  3. says

    I would like to win the Fiskers 12″ portable paper trimmer. I have heard that it is really good but just never have the extra money to purchase it.

    I would trim and cut paper to my heart’s content.

    You are so very generous.

  4. Sandy Turtlelady Sellers says

    Oh my!! I only have a couple of these tools. I have neither of the 2 cartridges. I have only heard of the Copic markers :) TY for sharing.

  5. Sandra Strickler says

    Sew Easy Products: I love to sew on my scrapbook pages, but don’t yet have a way to conveniently poke or mark holes. This is perfect!

  6. Linda P says

    I would love to win the Sew Easy Products. I want to try sewing on my scrapbook pages without having to pull out my sewing machine. Thanks for offering these prizes.

  7. says

    First let me say, to anyone that doesn’t have a Fiskars paper trimmer you want that! I love mine. Best one I have ever had. :)
    My first choice for a cool tool that I don’t have would be (this is hard, just like shopping) lol decisions decisions. Its a tie between the scor pal and the copic ciao markers.
    I absolutely love watching videos with people making boxes or something cool with the scor pal, they make it look so easy.
    Yet, I just started collecting copic markers, so its a tough decision. I love coloring digis.
    This was a lot of fun, thanks for the pretend shopping. :)

  8. Marie House says

    I would love the “Cricut Scandinavian Christmas Cards Cartridge” This is one I don’t have. The other tools are wonderful, I don’t have any of them but really love this cartridge. I would make lots of Christmas cards for next years packaged cards I want to make as gifts, but if that is not available I would like to try to Copic markers, I have always wanted to try them but they are out of my price range.

  9. Vidette says

    The Sew Easy Products are a first choice. It would be great to not have to break out the sewing machine.

  10. Laurie B says

    I would love to have a new paper trimmer. My kids are always borrowing the one I have, and it is so old that I can’t find replacement blades for it any more. I cut paper all the time to fit my die cutter 6 inch mat.

  11. Jodeana says

    I would love to win the paper trimmer. I enjoy making cards, but it is sooooo frustrating to try and get the card base with a straight cut.

  12. Anna Dowdy says

    Oh man this one is hard LOL I think my first choice would be the copic since I only have three pens now. The carts would be awesome also. :)

  13. Janis Herbert says

    Ok, I maybe showing my card making illiteracy but I thought that you really had to sew the paper on the sewing machine. I need these Sew Easy Products. I love the look of stitching on cards and paper. Can’t wait to use it on my cards. Yay!

  14. Denise says

    Wow, i think this decision is even more difficult than choosing between the paper packs :) i think i would like the crop-a-dial. I like making tags and cards and i like how versatile this tool is for making different holes. Thanks for the chance to win.

  15. Darlene Iglehart says

    I would love to have the Sew Easy tools because I don’t have them and love using that look on cards.

  16. Jody says

    I definitely need the fiskars paper trimmer, I’m always borrowing my daughter’s, it lived here most of this year until she needed it back for some Christmas crafting, The same with the cricut tool kit tho the only thing I really used a lot was the bone folder which brings me to what I really want, lol. I would really love to have the scor pal, I make lots of treat boxes for all occasions & it sure would come in handy and be easier to use than a plain bone folder.

    Thank you so much for all the wonderful freebies you have & thanks for the chance to win your contest :-)

    Jody :-)
    aerynx at gmail dot com

  17. Barb says

    Set of Copic Ciao Markers . I’ve been reading about them and would love to try these out! A set would be so exciting to play with.

    (I’m assuming that my paper trimmer will find it’s way back to me from one of the “kids” who borrowed it for a school project! It must be a smart tool as it spends a lot of time at colleges. )

  18. Cheryl says

    I would love to win the Fiskers 12? portable paper trimmer. I’ve been needing a new trimmer, but I haven’t had time to research them. I’d use it for everything, I make scrapbooks and cards!

  19. Heather K says

    I would love to win the copic markers. I have read so much about these markers and how people love them. They would make a wonderful gift this holiday.

  20. Lois says

    I would love to try the Copic markers or the eyelet Crop-a-Dile. I have a set of Marvy markers but I find them hard to use. And I’ve seen things done with eyelets that are beautiful and I’d love to try them out.

  21. Claudia says

    You have made the choice really hard!!!! I have seen so many lovely card made using the Copic’s…that would be a nice choice…..but I also have been looking at the Crop-A-Dile Eyelet and Punch Set… think I will toss a coin…Crop-A-Dile won.

    TY for sharing!!!!!

  22. says

    I would love the Little Black Dress 12 x 12 paper! I live near no LSS’s so, it is difficult to find this paper locally! Thanks for the chance to win! cjdempsey9 at msn dot com

  23. Jen says

    I love the look people get with the Copic Markers. I’ve never tried them, but would love a set to try on my cards. Thanks for the chance!

  24. says

    I would love to win the fiskars paper trimmer and this one looks fabulous I love how you can fold the ruler in to save space and the numbers look easy to read, my eyes don’t see like they used to!

  25. Renae says

    I would love to try the sew easy products. I love the stitching look on projects, both cards and scrapbook layouts. Thanks for the chance to win and all of the lovely files you share. Have a very merry Christmas!

  26. Melody says

    Wow, what a great selection — I want it all!! The Little Black Dress paper collection looks so elegant, as does the Scandinavian Christmas cartridge, love the Copic Markers and the Sew Easy products. The Fiskars trimmers are the best!! You are amazingly generous.

  27. Sally says

    I would love the Cropodile. I would use it to make lots of fun projects with my preschoolers. I saw a Youtube video in which the Cropodile punched holes in tin buckets and fabric flowers were added to the bucket with brads. SO CUTE!!
    Thanks for the opportunity to win fun stuff!!

  28. Sandy Karlovich says

    I would love to win the copic markers for my cards, I have heard so much about them. Thanks for the chance to win

  29. Carolyn McElroy says

    I would love, love the Copic Markers!!! I love coloring stamped images and making cards so much and while I’ve bought less expensive substitutes, nothing matches the Copic especially for blending!!! Thanks for the chance to dream!!! Carolyn :o)

  30. Janis Herbert says

    I would love to win a set of the copic markers. I have read about them and they sound wonderful. I would use them with my stamps and on my cards. I understand that they blend which is something I haven’t tried and would be excited to do. Thanks for the chance.

  31. Sandy Turtlelady Sellers says

    Hi, I just noticed I don’t have the sew easy or any of the changable heads. It looks like it makes sewing on cards easier:)
    These Copic markers seem to be really popular also.
    Good luck to everyone :)

  32. says

    Copic markers are on my craft wishlist. Everyone just raves about them and I really want to give them a try. I haven’t been able to convince myself to invest in any yet as I am not very talented at coloring/shading. Winning a set would be awesome! Thanks for the chance.

  33. Heidi says

    Hi. How fun is this! I have to say that it would either have to be the paper trimmer…I have the old grey style and didn’t even know they made one that looked like this! LOL. Or the paper Picadilly or in Bloom. One can never have enough paper and these papers look so fun and summery to do all my summer pictures that I haven’t scrapbooked yet. I scrapbook all the time and I still scrapbook 8.5 x 11 so a good paper trimmer is a must have since I cut down every sheet that I use. LOL. Thanks for a wonderful chance to win and thanks so much for all your free files. I’ve been collecting your state sets in hopes that someday I’ll get to travel and use them! Thank you for a wonderful blog and have a Merry Christmas!

  34. Linda says

    I’m a new owner of a brand new Cameo! I’ve never owned a die cutter before. I’d seen the infomercials for the Cricut and remember thinking they were nice, but I didn’t think I’d use it enough to justify the cost. Oh my!

    I found the Cameo and I LOVE it! My issue with the Cricut was being tied to their expensive cartridges–I like to do my own thing and combine projects.

    One word of advice to anyone thinking of getting *any* of these–DO NOT do it right before Christmas! I’m trying so hard to get stuff ready for Christmas but all I want to do it play with my new toy and learn how to use it. Which brings me to my “Best Scrapbooking Tool.” I discovered very quickly that I could really use–and NEED the

    “2.Cricut Tool Kit for Cutting Machines.”

    I’m getting by with scissors and kitchen knives right now, LOL! Crossing my fingers <3!

  35. Mary Stevenson says

    Gosh, what GREAT prizes!!! My first choice would be the COPIC CIAO markers. I read so much about these great pens for coloring stamped images. I have tons of stamps, but haven’t purchased markers to color them. Just love the way they make stamped images look so professional, yet so simple. Glad there are many tutorials/videos on the web to show how to use these high quality markers. I hope, hope I could win those. If not, I would be thrilled to win the Picadilly 12X12 Collection Pack. The papers are gorgeous. The colors complement any photo for scrapbooking (which is what I would use it for) or for making your own mini-albums I have seen on Youtube. Thanks for offering such fantastic prizes! You are definitely in the holiday spirit!
    –Mary Stevenson

  36. Sherry says

    Hello-Fun, fun, fun…You have such awesome files-thatks for all the freebies. The tool I want most is the copic markers-I don’t have any but have tried my friends and they are great. I just cannot justify $6.00/each-maybe after I have a couple I may. Thanks for the chance to win-pick me-pick me:0)
    Merry Christmas to you all – Sherry

  37. Chris says

    It was so hard to decide from 4 or 12 because I do not have either. Both would be use for my card makeing and shall I say making the cards much easier and open the door to many more ideas. This is fun thanks for the opportunity. OK First would be the crop a dile.:’)

  38. Andrea says

    I love the Copic markers. I’m looking for a good paper trimmer so I will have to check out the one you like. Thank you

  39. Beverley says

    I’d love to win the Cricut Scandinavian Christmas Cards Cartridge. My husband and his large family are Norwegian – would love to send them all cards that’d make them feel right at home next year.

  40. says

    I would love the Scor-Pal. I have the original one but have heard the new version is well worth the upgrade for all of the new grooves.
    I already have the Winter Woodland cartridge and I would agree that it is awesome! There are so many non-Christmas images on it and it has a really beautiful font included, too.

  41. Jennifer Partridge says


    What a fun contest!!! :) So many wonderful tools…but I think I would be most excited about trying the Copic Ciao Markers! I have seen stampers do amazing things when coloring in their images with these and I would love to take a class.

    Thank you so much for sharing and for the chance to win,


  42. sally penny says

    I don’t have a blog to link to you, but if I did, I certainly would. I would love to work with the copic markers, I use sharpies, but from what I see on tutorials for the copic markers, I can shade my stamped images and get a dimension not available with the sharpies.

  43. Lynn Kent says

    Wow! I would really like to have the (Oh gosh, I got so excited and it was so hard to choose, I forgot which one already.) lol I would like the Winter Woodland cartridge. I need cartridges to scrapbook since I’m not yet creative enough. I’m still working my way up. I don’t have anything wintery yet and it takes me back to childhood. This would be very useful for those wintery childhood pictures. 4 foot of snow…….

  44. says

    Oh WOW, How tough of a choice is this! I would love to win the Copics as I only have a couple but I think my biggest wish would be the trimmer as I recently broke mine, LOL I want a smaller one for easy trimming layers and such for my card! Keeping my fingers crossed in hopes that you pull my name out of the bag :) *Hugs* and Merry Christmas!

  45. April says

    I would love, LOVE, to win some Copic markers! I have yet to even try these markers because they are too expensive. I hear everyone rave about them and would Love the chance to own some!

    Merry Christmas!
    nginerd at gmail dot com

  46. Janis Herbert says

    I would really like to try out the copic markers on my cutting machine to see how they work on printing out letters. Haven’t tried it and if I win, we will see what the result is. Thanks Quilling Patch!!!

  47. mitch j says

    what a great contest. The item I am most excited about it the Crop-A-Dile Eyelet & Punch Kit. I would love this to make my own brads and to bling up some items in my sewing projects.

  48. Leanna says

    Would love the Little Black Dress paper. Love papers
    and live 2hours from any store that has paper.
    Thanks for a chance to win
    Leanna in blizzard Kansas

  49. Lisa-Free Cutting Files and Craft Ideas says

    @ Sally- you might want to give Bic Mark-its a try- I find them very similar to Copics and MUCH cheaper.