What I am working on… and what’s to come in the next few weeks

I have been trying to stick to a more strict work schedule the last few weeks.
As some of you may know- I was knocked down pretty hard a couple of years ago- I had bad car accident that left me with injured neck and slight brain injury and was unable to do a lot of the crafts I love. This blog was originally started out feature Quilling designs. I am unable to do quilling anymore because of the accident- And not too much longer after that my marriage ended. These were huge challenges that have taken a long time to adjust to- not to mention the toll on my kids.

I think I was myself until about last September- many of you may have noticed I picked up the pace and my blog became much more active after a long lull.
I have been trying to learn new things and replace dome of my old passion with new.
I have found it VERY satisfying to offer free files to my blog visitors. It is not very fulfilling got create something and not have it be used. Nothing makes me happier than to get a quick note or comment that some one has enjoy using one of my file- especially when I get a picture of the finished project! HINT! HINT!

I just finished up doing files of all the States. I am now working on signs of the Zodiac, more military themed files ( suggestion are MORE than welcome! ) and plan on doing and more gift boxes and would like to become accomplished at working with rhinestones.

In keeping with travel theme – I will be doing the Canadian Provinces and territories ( I am Canadian after all!!! ), European countries and popular holiday.

Currently I am working on sets of cards using Lettering Delights set, “J’Adore” . This has been harder than I thought! My sister asked me to do her up some cards to have on hand for various celebration and events.

You may have also noticed more and more project using Lettering Delights. I do love designing files but I also like new and fresh looks from their designers. One thing I did like about using my Silhouette was instant access to cutting files at Quickutz website. Lettering Delights has been a great and more inexpensive alternative for me. Not to mention I have had more time to create my own paper crafts , cards and I MAY start up scrapbooking again.
I have let my first love, scrapbook slide a bit- I think mainly it was too painful to scrapbook after my divorce and the accident. Trying to put photos and memories into a scrapbook from our “old ” life was just too hard. Thankfully I have wonderful friends and family that have helped us create new memories and I think I am ready to start up again- hopefully I will be able to post some of my scrapbook pages.

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Tonight I did bulk of cutting for the card set… took me close to 3 hours. I have been trying to make switch over to MTC from KNK studio for designing the and WOW is it hard to teach an old dog new tricks! Hardest part for me is to not get distracted. I started cutting then I noticed I didn’t like the way my paper is organized. Then I discovered I couldn’t find ANY of my embossing folder. I did a class for homeschooling kids last month and they have not been seen since them GULP..
Found some candle making supplies.. which led to me whipping up a couple of candles.. All and all my ADD was in full gear.
Sooooo look for this card set sometime in June :-)

Wishin you all a very happy and healthy new year!

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Keep the suggestions coming guys!! You are ALL SOOOOOOOOO great and I am blessed to have such a wide range of virtual friends across the globe!


  1. says

    Glad things are looking up a bit and we enjoy your files so much. Scrapbooking is the best way to heal, sometimes, so I hope you give it another go. We’re all rooting for you in every endeavour, and we appreciate your generosity very much. Rosie

  2. Trisha says

    I did notice that things have picked up for you. I am so glad you are getting back into the things you love, and laying down the past issues and problems as best you can. Thanks for sharing so generously. God bless you, Lisa.

  3. Chris says

    I am glad your getting your groove back. It just takes some time to get over the mountain right. I for one love your files and will try to send a photo when I use them. I love the paper dolls the best. Thanks for all you do!!!!!!!!!

  4. says

    so glad you are getting back into your groove or should I say a new groove! I went thru the big D after 38 years so know well the pain you dealt with. don’t give up, keep going even if it’s day by day! great files!!

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