Think I Might Hate my ATG Gun….

Yay or Nay?
Scotch ATG 752 Adhesive Applicator

Think I MIGHT actually hate my ATG gun- the one that every RAVES about. I wanted to love and i have TRIED to love it. The roll of adhesive gets stuck—- constantly. I find it heavy and bulky and the glue kind of rolls up and gets all over the place.
I bought it when everyone else bought it about a year ago and thought I could get used to it. I feel guilty for not using it- I really wanted to join the ATG gun bandwagon and I spent a ridiculous amount of money on it. It sits on my craft table unused and making me feel bad. FLY Lady would tell ne to give it away- it is neither useful OR makes me smile :-)

To be honest I started out scrabooking in 2001 and was a Creative memories consultant and loved their tape runner- the original one. I always liked tape runner style of adhesive for my card making and scrap booking. The only one I ahve found that comes close to the CM tape runner is Tombow Mono and E-Z Runner which might be my favourite of the two however you can’t refill them- so I pretty much stick to the Tombow….

Am I the only one???? Do you LOVE or hate your ATG gun????

Do you have any cutting file suggestions? I would love to hear your ideas for cutting file designs- please either post in comments section or email me.

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  1. patchworkhen says:

    I, too am disappointed with my ATG gun for many of the reasons you you stated. There appears to be a lot of wasted adhesive and the tape is not cheap.

    I was working on a 3-D picnic basket album last spring, I had the basket part (which was labor intensive) completed. When I went back to it later it had come completely undone.

    I am giving serious thought to writing 3M with my complaints.

    Glad I am not the only one who feels this way.

    blessings, patchworkhen

  2. I have to agree. I have had mine about a year, I bought it when I was trying to get things I thought I would need to do this new hobby. I have many of the same problems as you do. I also found threading the darned thing difficult. Then the tape came off the rollers and the nightmare of trying to get it threaded and working again UGH!! I to find it bulky and awkward to use.

  3. Shirley Cark says:

    Lisa, it sounds like your problem might be with your tape. I had a problem recently with a lot of tape I bought and 3M replaced it for me. I love my ATG gun! Contact me if you need contact information!

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