Rhinestone Supplies Arrived!

supplies for making rhinestone t-shirts

Very excited! Finally got in all my supplies to start making rhinestone templates!
It is actually quite affordable to get into making your own rhinestone designs for t-shirts, etc if you all ready have a digital cutter that can cut the rbber template. A KNK Zing or Silhouette Cameo or Silhouette works perfectly. I know some people can do with their Cricuts.
The nice thing about Zing and Cameo is they are nice and wide to accommodate the rubber templating.

I took a quick pic of the supplies you need to buy- other supplies you will likely have all ready in your house ( i.e iron and baking sheet).
Shown in my pic is a roll of rhinestone template rubber ( thin rubber sheeting) , transfer tape to hold your rhinestones in place while you hot fix them with your iron ( or heat press if you happen to have one !!! :-) ) , a pad to slide the rhinestones into place one you have cut out your template. The one most people recommend in the Shur Line Trim/Touch Up Pad, some T-shirts ( I picked some up in different colors today at Micheal’s for 3.00 each on sale) and of course rhinestones!
I bought my rhinestones from this site, Rhinestone Canada which has great prices. I think theprices might even be worthwhile for Americans to buy. My only issue was the shipping charge 12.99 to ship a small manila envelope.
One piece of advice- a gross of rhinestones doesn’t go as far as you think :-). I ordered small quantities f some because it was my first order and wanted to see different colours but next time will order WAY more! I also would have ordered much heaver on the clear rhinestones.

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So VERY excited to get started! My first project will be a sea turtle design T-short that has special meaning and OR a T-shirt for my daughter to wear for cheerleading.

Will keep you posted on this next craft addiction endeavor.

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I use both Make the Cut and KNK Studio to make the templates and will let you know which one I prefer. I suspect the MTC because you can basically create your vector design and then CLICK a button to turn into a rhinestone pattern.


  1. Tracy says

    Looking forward to seeing your creations with the rhinestones I have the supplies but haven’t used them yet as I’m not sure where to begin.

  2. Lisa-Free Cutting Files and Craft Ideas says

    @Tracey I am going to do up some videos that break down the steps and make it easy to do. It sounds so complicated when you start up but wasn’t that bad :)

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