First Rhinestone Project

DD wearing her cheer leading T-shirt.
I am going to take better quality pic with my other camera.. which dear children have borrowed and now cannot find….

Well- got all my rhinestone supplies in Friday and started to work on my very first project Saturday morning. The short was totally finished in about 6 hours- keep in mind that was my first time and there were a alot afew learning curves along the way :-)
First off- I was using 11ss size rhinestones and cut with Make the Cut! at the suggested setting of 2 sizes higher ( .133 inches) – and still was too tight a fit for the stones and had to redo the whole design- wasn’t just a matter of making the file image smaller. Using the size in MTC for 14ss stones (.14 inches) worked perfectly.
I also would change the spacing to be a little tighter so the stones would be more densely placed. It was my first time cutting rhinestone rubber for template and was hard to figure out how the cuts would translate onto the rubber and stone placements- i was worried that the spacing would be too tight and the rubber would tear near holes.

I didn’t have much trouble getting stones in there little holes- but using the transfer tape was scary! I used chipboard that was covered in clear packing tape to make a smooth surface before putting down rubber template and then dusted with baby powder (actually the cornstarch baby powder)- this was so stones would lift more easily- and it did work, My challenge was getting the stones to stick on the transfer tape and stay- this caused me much nervousness.
From what I gather you are supposed to put all your stones on one sheet of transfer tape- this would have been very difficult for me to do properly- the stones to be didn’t seem to stick as well as i would have liked to transfer tape.
I did each colour of stones on it own sheet of transfer tape.
I did TRY using one sheet and using “registration” stones but that proved difficult- I will try again next time. Now that I have done it would like to perfect my technique.

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Will start working n my next design- likely a sea turtle or dragon fly design :-)


  1. Trisha says

    Looks great, Lisa!! I haven’t done rhinestones, yet. Maybe I’ll wait to see how you get along with them next time….scary stuff to me.

  2. Anita says

    Wow the t shirt looks fab…. Still looks tricky but so tempting to have a go I haven’t got scal or makes the cut but I do have inkscape and silhouette studio and really would like the challenge ! Now to order me some supplies I was tempted to use the sticky back flock instead of rubber !!!

  3. Anita says

    Thanks Lisa this site is the best I have come across very inspirational keep up the good work everyone :)

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