Creating Rhinestone Templates with Make the Cut Software

I have done up a series of videos where I explain and try to de-mystify making your own rhinestone templates with your digital cutter.
I have tried designing rhinestone templates in both KNK Studio and Make the Cut! software and although I am most familiar with KNK – for most users Make the Cut is the way to go. Make the Cut unlocks a ton of features for your digital cutter and works with most cutters- including KNK machine ( i.e. KNK Zing, Maxx) Cameo, Silhouette, Pazzles, Gazelle, etc.
I did the video tutorial for making Rhinestone templates in 5 sections. I won’t get any cinematography awards with this series of videos but it’s a good start .
You will also feel immediately better about your own craft area when you see how I operate -I am the friend that always makes you feel better about your own housekeeping skills :-)

The steps that are covered include designing your rhinestone template with Make the Cut software from an SVG, using your cutter to cut out the template, placing rhinestones then lifting with transfer tape , and then the fun part applying your design to card ( or fabric).
I used a very simple image of a crown on a card cut out using design from Lettering Delights Card Set C and design #3.

To do rhinestone template and design from start to finish this is what you will need:

1) Software to make design ie. Make the Cut or KNk Studio. Depending on demand I am happy to create video for KNK Studio- let me know if you would like me to do.
2) Digital cutter
3) Rhinestone Rubber Motif
4) Template backing for rubber- chipboard, foam core, etc. ( You stick rhinestone template on to this and serves as backing). When done you can use over and over.
4) Rhinestone Transfer Tape
5) Rhinestones (you need HOT FIX Rhinestones- stones that have glue on the back)
6) Shur Line Trim/Touch Up Pad or similar
7) T-shirt, fabric, paper , etc to place your design
8) iron or heat press ( you will also need thin tea towel or card stock to place over rhinestones when using iron)
9) Baking sheet or similar ( you put finshed rubber template in this and brush in stones- the dish just makes it easier to collect unused rhinestones)

-talc/powder/cornstarch and brush to dust over rhinestone template before putting in stones,. This helps them lift a bit more easily. I find this step invaluable.
Speedball 4-Inch Pop-In Hard Rubber Brayer

Part 1

Creating Your Rhinestone Template in Make the Cut

Notes: Make sure to save your work often. Also make sure you have it properly sized.
Once you create your rhinestone design you cannot re-size. A 4 inch design can’t be re-sized to 8 inches- you need to start from scratch with an SVG of 8 inches.
The holes will just get bigger and not fit the rhinestones.

In my video, I use a simple SVG file of a crown that I plan to put on a paper card.

Download Crown SVG and finished rhinestone template SVG HERE

Part 2

Creating Rhinestone Templates with Make the Cut Part 2- Cutting Out Your Design

When setting origin leave at least 1 inch of empty space around your design. This will make it easier to brush in stones.
Notes: Remember to adjust your blade offset and use a thick material blade.
Settings to Cut Rhinestone Rubber with Make the Cut Software
KNK Groove-E and Maxx: Speed of 150 and force of 75. Blade offset .50-60. Use multicut of of 2 passes.

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Settings for KNK Zing for Cutting Rhinestone Rubber
Speed of 10 and force of 85. Blade offset .75 force of 84 and Multi cut 2. Use multicut of 2 passes.

As always- test cut on small piece of rubber to make sure you get results you want- also remember to record!!!
Guaranteed that if you don’t you will forget!

Part 3 & 4 –

Creating Rhinestone Templates with Make the Cut- Adding Rhinestones to Your Rubber Template

In my video I am using a card design from Lettering Delights, Card Set C and design #3.
I had to make 2 parts because I had a technical difficulties near end of the process.
Make sure you have your Shur Line Trim/Touch Up Pad or similar handy and to pre-talc the rubber before putting in stones.
When you lift up transfer tape you can use your design right away or place on the transfer tape backing to store for later.

Part 5

Creating Rhinestone Templates with Make the Cut- Applying Rhinestones to Media

Make sure you iron plugged in and set on high with steam OFF. I set in between cotton and linen. If you have a heat press then of course use.
You need to do on a surface that isn’t too soft. Don’t use on ironing board or thick towel- you wont get good positioning with the iron.
If you are using on fabric I put sheet of chipboard or cardboard in between layers of fabric so glue doesn’t stick on the other side.
If you are doing on pare also put paper in between layers so glue doesn’t bleed.
You would press iron on for 15 seconds on each section.

Note- These designs hold up very well in wash , etc of done properly- don’t release heat too soon. I am very impressed that none of my stones have fallen off.
Generally larger stones i.e. SS21 and larger don’t do so well and will be more likely to fall off.

Rhinestone and Rhinestone Supplies
ME! You can buy Rhinestones, transfer tape, Rubber Rhinestone Motif from Quilling Patch Store- Rhinestone Supplies

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    I appreciate your video on this. I’m a visual person and this helped me understand the process! Can’t wait to try this soon!!

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