New Machine from Lifestyle Crafts ( Quickutz): Evolution Die cutting, Embossing and Letterpress

Well… have very mixed and RESERVED feelings on this one. I got sucked into coveting Quickutz “Love” electronic die cutting machine– a “manual” die cut machine with a motor- and that was a DISASTER. Next came the long anticipated QuicKutz Epic 6 . another BOMB . Mine lasted 2 weeks before handle fell off and my LSS looked at me with two heads when i tried to return. Still waiting for the 12 inch version of the Epic we were promised.

I loathe the Epic 6. The ONLY redeeming factor about it – the 2 plates to use for embossing and die cuts. There were only 2 of them.. as opposed to Cuttlebug and the 3 plate system that I could never follow.

I pretty much never use my Epic for die cuts- I use them for kids classes.. however I use often for embossing. The broken handle drives me crazy but not enough to go buy another machine. Looking at the new Lifestyle Crafts Evolution I can’t see a compelling reason to buy- especially at the 119.00 mark. OUCH.

A Cuttlebugwhich is a little workhorse once you figure out the different plates works great and right now at Amazon is 49.00 AND free shipping.
Sizzix’s Sizzix Big Shot is about 59.00. Still used 3 plates but a very solid build.

The new Lifestyle Crafts Evolution is priced at 119.00. Not sure what it does differently- I don’t see people clamouring to do their own letterpressing.
I am totally perplexed as to why Quickutz ( Lifestyle Crafts) keeps changing their branding and coming out with machines that don’t work or are too little too late.
The Silhouette was a great machine 6 years a go- cutting edge ( pun intended!). They just keep re-working the same machine over and over again. Oh- I know lets add an SD slot ( useless) lets make it wider ( The Cameo) 6 years later the Cameo is STILL the same machine as the Silhouette- same cutting force, same blade, same insides- just larger cutting area.
I don’t mean to trash Quickutz- I have been a fan of MOST of their products for along time- they just seem to be WAY off on what their customer base is looking for in cutting machines and seem to have lost direction.

How likely are you to buy the new Lifestyle Crafts Evolution?


  1. melanie says

    I guess I am one of the rare few who loves my Epic and still uses it. yes my handle came off, but my husband put it right back on and I went right back work. I also loved my Silhouette and couldn’t wait for the Cameo so I could start using my 12 inch paper. My friends are amazed when I show them all the tricks I can do and all the things I’ve made. How likely am I to buy the Evolution. Pretty likely. If it is truely replacing the Epic then I will have to upgrade at some point since I won’t be able to get supplies and my Epic will eventually give out. I realize that it may have some bugs when it first comes out, lots of things do but I have found that this company has excellent customer service so if I get one and there are kinks, I’ll just roll with it. I like that there are different tools out there because we are all different, but I love I have always been happy with their products.

  2. Lisa-Free Cutting Files and Craft Ideas says

    @Melanie- I think I have been very hard on the Epic! The thing I do like about it and like VERY much are the platforms- I like only having 2 platforms to worry about rather than 3 with Cuttlebug. . Its the little things that make such a difference tho- I agree QuickKutz has amazing customer service- i would just rather not call at all and need customer service for a design flaw :-) !

    I am not the only person with handle issue- I had Cuttlebug for 4 years and not a single problem and this broke with in days of using. I would rather have a well made something that took a bit longer rather than a releases prototyped that needs fixing or overhauling :-)

  3. says

    I just wanted to let all of you know that I also love lifestyle crafts products. I have not had a problem with my Epic 6 my handle is still attached and has never fell off and I just recieved the evolution and I love it and it has met all of the expectations that they said it would it’s just as strong and sturdy as the big shot

  4. JaneH says

    I still don’t get what makes this Evolution different from, for example, the Big Shot. Is it wider? Is it longer? I love my Big Shot but haven’t seen anything to make me go to the Evolution…yet.

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