Another Rose Card.. this time Red.

My son is away in Montreal with his father this week and house is very very quiet without him. Really missing the hustle and bustle of him and his friends.

My mom popped by ( She lives across the street .. LITERALLY). If you are having visions of a cozy grandmother type bring over freshly baked muffins and looking after her grandchildren- you would be very very wrong. She is more of a cross between Bette Milder and Judy Garland and very over the top. Her facebook profile pic is of her with giant turantula on her shoulder with big grin. ANYWAY I digress.. My mom saw my pink rose card from last week card on table and flipped out- she loved it. My mom has never reacted to ANYTHING I have ever dome with my paper crafting so this was an event :-)…

She has friend who loves red roses and asked me to do similar card up for her with a red rose. If it was anyone else other than my mom would have said no. I LOATHE red roses…. I have mentioned I was florist for several years and the sight of red roses means thorns in my fingers and working 48 hours straight during Valentines.
I do sometimes like a very dark red rose in a goth-like setting. I tried to capture feeling of tattered dark red rose with this card.

Yes its very derivative of the pink one I made on my post. Free Rose Cutting File Download in GSD SVG KNK and MTC formats but I did that one sort of in a hurry and glad I had more time to play with it.

I also wanted to show how effective and easy using double sided paper can make paper crafting. I used my favourite paper of all time…DoubleMates Berry Red cardstock. This paper just cuts beautifully every time. One side is slightly textured and the other smooth.Its just one of those papers that does what I want it to do.
When I cut on my KNK machine withMake the Cut I mirrored some of the flower shapes ( tho with this design I don’t think it natters) and only had to cut the one sheet for the flowers.This also looks good in Perfect Plum cardstock , lovely in Fairy Tale Pink

and would look stunning using Lovely Lilac .

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I edgede the flower petals using ColorBox Maroon chalk ink but found it bit resistant on smooth side of paper. I would have liked deeper colours and probably wouldn’t use chalk ink again on Doublemates.

Finally got smart and used my cutting machine to cut mat for my pre-bought plain card. I love using DCWV Box Of A2 Cards & Envelopes: Bright Solids. The colours are great and comes with black which is my favourite colour to use for card. Think it cost me about 7.00 for box of 40 A@ sized cards with envelopes. These cards are perfect for quick and easy cards and I pretty much use these for my all my kids classes.
I also have them in pastel and glitter somewhere but the “Brights” is my go to box.
The matted inset was just cream and run through embossing folder. I actually dis up a bunch of these so don’t have to keep going to dreaded Epic 6.

I still feel something is missing in the centre – ideas please?????!!!!!! I used apink button on my other card but didn’t want to get too folk-y with this one. Maybe a drop of dark grean dimensional pearls?
So.. thats mt red rose card. Giving it to my mom tonight and looking forwards to her reaction. Will post either way :-)

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I used pre-bought card…

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