Free Decorative Border : Victorian Fence Cutting file SVG GSD KNK and MTC

Free Victorian Fence Border Cutting File for Scrap booking, Cards and Paper Crafts

Long day… better part of my morning was cleaning up mess in garage made by my nemesis- a very cunning and stealth raccoon. Can only go up from there, eh?

Forgot when kids are home I am butler/taxi/waitress/ATM :-)

I am savouring every moment of the chaos as my house will be EMPTY come September (during day anyway).

I was sitting here a few minutes ago in my office area… which is in basement by sliding glass doors to walkout to my hotub (sounds WAY more glamorous than it is).
So I’m sitting here in relative peace and quiet when there is this POUNDING on glass .. The kids upstairs didn’t hear door so a neighbourhood mom came in around my back and was banging on my sliding glass door… I have blackout curtains and couldn’t see anything so I jumped about 3 feet in the air.
Is this not odd? I would be VERY apologetic if I went into some ones back yard and started pouding on their curtained windows at 10 o’clock at night.

What does this have to do with my file??? segue please- I created a FENCE border :-) lol.

I don’t do them much here but I LOVE borders for scrapbook pages. I have not done much scrapbooking recently but plan to get back to it in the Winter time. I sure wish some of you guys lived nearby so we could get together and scrap!

I originally made the border 12 inches long to fit my own scrapbook pages but re-sized so those crafters without machine capable of cutting 12 inch border can use. ( My KNK Studio GE wont actually let me save something 12 inches long).. So remember to re-size border if you want it to fit on 12 inch pages.
The cutting file can easily be modified to fit smaller sized scrapbook pages.

Do you guys like borders or want to see more of them???

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Victorian Fence Border Cutting File

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This Victorian Fence Border digital cutting file is available in GSD KNK, MTC and SVG formats. For more information on different types of cutting files, read Cutting Files Explained.

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Free Victorian Fence Border Cutting file download in GSD KNK and SVG for SCAL and MTC

Free Victorian Fence Border cutting file in MTC format is for use with Make the Cut 3rd party and can be used with most digital craft cutting machines; including, Pazzles Inspiration, Bosscut Gazelle, Silhouette
and KNK cutters etc.

Free Victorian Fence Border SVG vector image is for use with SCAL ( Sure Cuts A Lot) software. , Inkscape and Make the Cut cutting software. Used with variety of different craft cutters.

Free Victorian Fence Border GSD cutting file download can be used with(QuicKutz) Silhouette machines, Xyron Wishblade and Craft Robo. You just use the regular Robo Master that comes with your digital cutter..

Victorian Fence Border Cutting File in KNK format is used with Klic n Kut ( KNK Element, Maxx, KNK Groove, etc) OR use KNK Studio GE software with your Craft Robo, Wishblade or Silhouette die cutter.

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  1. Marzee Carnes says

    Thank for the border! And, I would love to see more borders, I use them all the time. I really appreciate all the wonderful files you share.

  2. Heidi says

    Thank you. I would want a fence too if my neighbor did that! I would never pound on a window at 10:00 at night unless it was an emergency.

  3. Sheabella says

    I love borders! Thanks so much.
    My neighbour banged on my basement window one night during the winter. Bizarre and freaked me out!

  4. Debbie in LA says

    Thanks for the border. You know, Robert Frost has a great poem about fences causing good relationships with neighbors.

  5. Lisa-Free Cutting Files and Craft Ideas says

    In her defence no one heard front door and she didn’t have phone number and she couldn’t find her daughter…..
    Was just very startling and scary.
    I live on my own and often get nervous at night.

  6. Trisha says

    Thank you! I sometimes wish we had a fence, too. BTW, I only scrapbook in the winter time.

  7. Lisa-Free Cutting Files and Craft Ideas says

    I actually one worse incident- was early one Saturday morning and was on couch watching movie with bf. Suddenly this head popped up in high up window – one of my son’s friends climbed up on hot tub and was standing on it to reach window and look in!
    I was SOOOOO mad. Still made writing about it.

  8. Annette in England says

    Thank you so much for sharing this file hunny… Neighbours of mine would have a job banging on my Windows!!! They would have to get passed my dog first!!! I got her because I was burgled!! and one night after coming home from work I found a strange Bloke sat on my settee at 2AM!!! (now THAT was almost Heart falior!!) The previous tenants had given him a front door key!!! Locks changed!!! asap!!

  9. Sue says

    I think number 5 poster is your neighbor LOL but I do agree with her a lost child that late is scary. I love the boarder and would like more. I babysit my grand children and I am looking forward to September also LOL

  10. Lisa-Free Cutting Files and Craft Ideas says

    @Annette – WOW! you win! That would have had me hospitalized!

  11. Lisa-Free Cutting Files and Craft Ideas says

    @Sue – lol. I actually like having great the kids chaos – will be sad in Fall :(
    My almost 9 year old son going into grade 4 and he has been homeschooled up until now.
    House will be TOO quiet!

  12. Nance **U** says

    Thank you Lisa….
    Very nice.
    They say good fences make good neighbors.
    Did her daughter come home safe?
    Let us know.
    Will have prayers going up for them.
    Borders??? Borders???
    Never too many borders.

  13. Kathy says

    Thank you so much for the fence file, this will be a good one to use on a Halloween card or with my little Halloween diorama.

  14. Cheri says

    Thanks for the file and the funny story – although I know it wasn’t funny at the time. I do have a fence in the back yard except for the drive/parking area of the garage. No hot tub back there but the neighbor would be taking a chance on stepping in chicken poo. LOL

    As for borders, I consider my self a scrapbooker first even thought I haven’t had time all year to scrap, so yes I love borders. Thanks for this one.

  15. Sue Kaye says

    Thanks for the fence cutting file, I have a special use for it already. Then I am thinking Halloween.
    I love borders and any that you create would be greatly appreciated

  16. says

    Thank you for the fence. I do use lots of borders and corners. Some of them matching. ….Christmas … yes, this early.

  17. Andrea says

    Thank you for the great file. Your generosity is a blessing to me. Thank you for the laugh while picturing the neighbor boy. Sounds like he might live in my neighborhood.

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