Free Maple Leaf “disc” cutting file – SVG GSD KNK and MTC formats

Well- what a whirlwind of activity! Milked the last days of summer for all it was worth and so sad to see it come to an end. My kids and I have had a rocky rod since by divorce two years ago but finally feels like we have settled in to our new lives and this Summer was the best I have had in YEARS! The time at my trailer surrounded by all my friends did wonders and work has picked up quite a bit! True to form I cant stand it when we are not in chaos so looking to move to a new house.
Big changes in our lives- I have been a homeshooling mom for 15 years. This week that ended when my son started grade 4 on Tuesday. That has been a huge thing for us- I am taking it pretty hard. The identity shift been a challenges- to leave my home schooling friend and families behind has been tougher than I thought. My son has been overwhelmed by it all and I hope it he can make to through the week! This morning when I dropped him off he looked so lost and begged to come home.gulp.
Di not help when I had small altercation with school office over bussing. Seems I have to drive him to and from school each day OR he can walk the almost 2 miles until bus schedule worked out – which will take a MONTH!!! All coming back to me now why I home school!

Here is pic before they started school on Tuesday

Never the less hunkered down this morning and inspired by the fall colours starting to creep in :-).. Fall is by far my favourite season and cabnt wait to start doing all those Christmas crafts.
Here is a “maple leaf” disc file. Love the way it looks and will make up some more leaf ones!

Free Maple Leaf Cutting File for Scrap booking, Cards and Paper Crafts

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Do you have any cutting file suggestions? I would love to hear your ideas for cutting file designs- please either post in comments section or email me.

Maple Leaf Cutting File
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This Maple Leaf digital cutting file is available in GSD KNK, MTC and SVG formats. For more information on different types of cutting files, read Cutting Files Explained.

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Free Maple Leaf Cutting file download in GSD KNK and SVG for SCAL and MTC

Free Maple Leaf cutting file in MTC format is for use with Make the Cut 3rd party and can be used with most digital craft cutting machines; including, Pazzles Inspiration, Bosscut Gazelle, Silhouette
and KNK cutters etc.

Free SVG Maple Leaf disc cutting file is for use with SCAL ( Sure Cuts A Lot) software. , Inkscape and Make the Cut cutting software. Used with variety of different craft cutters.

Free Maple Leaf GSD cutting file download can be used with(QuicKutz) Silhouette machines, Xyron Wishblade and Craft Robo. You just use the regular Robo Master that comes with your digital cutter..

Maple Leaf Cutting File in KNK format is used with Klic n Kut ( KNK Element, Maxx, KNK Groove, etc) OR use KNK Studio GE software with your Craft Robo, Wishblade or Silhouette die cutter.

Do you have a cutting file suggestion? Yes, I do take requests- post your suggestion in comments section or email me with your cutting file requests. Feel free to enclose a link or image.

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  1. Trisha says

    You and your son look so happy. I’m glad to see that, and that things are looking up! You are SO Cute!! Thank you so much for this little disc maple leaf. I have loved all these discs the past few months.

  2. Nance **U** says

    Sorry you were having a tough time.
    Changes are always hard, but you are a strong woman and will make it and your son will learn that from you too.
    I didn’t know of your divorce, so prayers for you.
    All the more reason to let you light shine and strength come through!
    Hugs and prayers and thanks for the file.
    I love the fall too!!!!

  3. Alison C says

    Great file! Thanks for continuing with your creative endeavors through you difficult times! You are in my prayers.

  4. Vicki says

    I missed you! I’m so glad that it was that you wanted to take some time off, I was worried that someone was ill! Love the file, thank you so much. Prayers are with you and your son as you make this transition!

  5. SiskiyouSue says

    Thank you for the lovely maple leaf. I love it. Change can really be hard to take, especially when you really don’t want it (i.e. the several times my family and I had to pack up and move to a new place several states from home…), but I have learned so much from change. It makes you stronger, more sure of yourself, more able to adapt. Your children will be okay (it’s amazing how resilient they are) because they have a mom to support them! Keep smiling.

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