My Top Picks from Lettering Delights Fall Sale: Lettering Delights “It’s Fall Y’all Dollar sale”

Lettering Delights has a big sale 2 or 3 times a year and offer their designs at a deep discount. This is a perfect time to stock up on some great designs at great prices.

Although I do design my own files for the most part- sometimes its just easier to pay for an existing design that is well made- I have found Lettering Delights to be very consistent in their products. Never had a problem cutting or getting one of their files to work.

I usually pick up some of their paper packs and graphic designs. Their last sale I bought a ton of Christmas files and can’t wait to use.

Here are some stand outs from Lettering Delights It’s Fall Y’all Dollar sale that I think you should pick up.
Not in any particular order I sifted through pages of their sale items and picked out designs I thought were an excellent price and designs with a lot of mileage.

All Seasons Pop Up Cards A hidden treasure here of assorted pop up cards for a variety of occasions. A FANTASTIC buy at only $2.00.

Go Team Lockers
Nice assortment of school sports cutting files.

Feels Like Autumn
Some basic but very weel done fall cutting files. You will get a lot of use from these.

Spooky Soiree
Some nice halloween designs that will work very well for cards, invites ,treat bags and class room. See below for matching paper pack.

Provencial Princess SVG’s. These are LOVELY! Terrific elegant designs that I cant wait to cut!

Woodsy Not sure what it is with me and owls- but I love them :-) This is a nice set to have and not a bad file in the bunch.

Delilah Alphabet OMG! I love these! What a GREAT buy for only $2.00. Both upper and lower case fonts to cut as well as some extras. I just love these and think they will make great gift tags. This might be one of my favourites from Lettering Delights.

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Delilah Tags
Some matching tags to go with font above. A must have as far as I am concerned.

Bleu Basil
Simply lovely. Had visions of delicate herbs growing on my balcony.. all neatly labelled with these elegant designs. But who am I trying to kid? Still a dead strawberry plant from last year on my kitchen balcony. These will however make great cards!!! My mom will love these and I think I may make her a set for Christmas.

Spooky Soiree Paper Pack. I must love these because I mention this paper pack every time there is a sale. I get a ton of use from these paper packs. If you have no clue how to use these- you pretty much just print out like any other graphic. I did do a video tutorial on how to print your own scrapbooking paper in my post, Printing Your Own Scrapbook Paper- Use Make the Cut to Print your Own Scrapbooking Paper!

Denim and Blue Jeans Paper Pack. Another little gem I found buried- LOVE LOVE LOVE these designs and will be printing out this afternoon. Colours and graphics are right up my alley and will use often.

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Did I miss some hidden gems? Is there a design from Lettering Delights that I missed that’s on sale and you think we should grab cheap while we can??

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