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I love crafts and creating!! I am addicted to learning and exploring all kinds of new craft ideas. I worked as interior designer for several years until I had kids. Now I freelance design work when I am not doing fundraising for non-profits.

I have tried everything from stamping to batik to candle making and cross stitch. I particularly like scrapbooking. I have collected a large collection of resources- sites on how to do stuff, links for free cross stitch charts and patterns, free paper quilling ideas and more. I had the good fortune to connect with Sandy McCauley about 6 years ago and that has opened my world up to some AMAZING people. I have been designing digital cutting files for 5 years and love the idea that my designs grace scrapbook pages, classrooms and churches. (can you say NARCISSIST ?! )

I love designing interesting and unique files for die cutting machine and always looking for ideas. I offer free files often. I also own Quilling Patch Store where you can buy KNK Cutters and supplies both in Canada and USA.
If you have a request- please feel free! You can email me with form below or comment on a post.
I also sell my Premium files at Chris Durnan’s Visual Designs

As I find stuff I put them up :-) I am always happy to share ideas with people. I think crafts and creating are important in building and fostering self esteem- in both adults AND kids.

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if you have a crafts item/ craft idea or link you want to share- please comment or post about it! If you would like to be a guest or part time blogger on the site- please contact me.


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