Make a light up bracelet for playing Rock Band

Another good craft for boys – making a “cool” leather band bracelet that lights up and looks good as well.

I am going to make these with group of kids coming over on the weekend to play marathon of Rock Band.

You can make as girly or a punk as you want. These are VERY easy and fast to make. I am on a real roll with these crafts for boys!

Full intrcutions to make thse neat light up bracelets here

Make a Simple Bird Feeder With Pine Cones

This is about as easy as it gets craft wise. I just posted how to make a suet bird feeder which is a project suitable for older kids and adults. here is one for all ages and a good one for younger one and especially boys.
Supplies are very simple:
Pine cones
Nut Butter (creamy works best)
Bird seed ( I buy black oil sunflower seeds at bulk barn – great for chickadees! )
Twine, string or fishing line to hang.
Spoon or popsicle stick to spread nut butter.
s-hook or similar (on optional)

Tie twine/string/line around pine cone so it will hang. You can also use a glue gun ( I got low temp one for kids at dollar store )
Spread your pine cone liberally with the peanut butter or other nut butter.
Roll in bird seed.

Hang on tree branch or hook. Lots of fun to make a bunch and hang in your trees!

Good Craft for Boys- Make a Suet Bird Feeder

For girls too. This is a very “natural’ looking bird feeder :-)
You do need to use a drill so use judgement on ages. I do have a simpler make your own bird feeder craft using pine cones which is great for younger kids or if you want something easier.
make suet bird feeder
From one of my favorite sites, Instructables
The full instructions and building material can be found on the excellent tutorial for making this suet bird feeder.
I am not especially handy and can handle this job easily.
I love this site!