About Michele H.

michele h.

Michele has just started her own blog, find it here: www.ourdoodlecorner.blogspot.com
Where are you from?
Michele H. popped out of nowhere when she began sending me files she designed for the QP paper doll series. The dolls are offered for free to download and lots of different people have taken at stab at designing outfits for them.

Michele has turned out to be QUITE prolific and has a real flair for International dolls! Here is some information about the talented Michele H.

The Quad Cities (Davenport, IA + Bettendorf, IA + Moline, IL + Rock Island, IL) – we just moved here at the beginning of August due to a job transfer.

Do you want to share about your family?

I have 2 children (14, 17), 4 dogs (2 are black standard poodles – I’m a 4-H dog leader), 5 chickens (1 friendly hen), 7 cats, 6 horses. Oh, and 1 hubby of 21 years.
Do you have a website or blog? I just got started on a blog but its not ready to share yet. ( When Michele is ready will have lots of links to her blog!)

What kind of digital cutter do you use?
KNK Maxx and I’m researching now for a smaller, portable unit.

What design software do you use for you digital craft cutter?
KNK Studio and Inkscape at home, Corel or Adobe ( sic Adobe Illustrator) at work.

How did you get started?

I’ve done dried flowers (both arrangements and used as embellishments), silk flowers, baskets, clay, stamped home-made gift wrap, stamping in general, photography, just about anything to decorate a home! I have also done some sewing and always made my kids costumes for Halloween and school plays. I make my daughter’s horse show outfits because I won’t pay someone $400-$800 for a kid to go out and ride in the arena for 10 minutes. I always make gifts for the people I love because they have so much more meaning – I dislike gift giving as an obligation. My best friend is a superbly talented and creative woman who can create absolutely anything from virtually nothing. She sometimes makes me feel inadequate. LOL. I come from a very artistically talented family, but never found my niche until computer graphics entered my life. I’ve done a bit of designing for work, as I maintain my department’s website and create all of our marketing information but it wasn’t until I wanted large graphics on the side of our horse trailer that I really dove in. I couldn’t find anyone who wanted to work with me – they just wanted to sell me a “canned” graphic. So, I decided to do a little research and soon after bought my Maxx. That was in June of this year! I know have an silhouette of my daughter jumping her horse to go on the side of my trailer – and maybe even my truck. I have more spare time in the winter and right now all of it is spent working in KNK Studio. It’s only been about 6 weeks since I started working with KNK Studio, but I know there’s no turning back as this has opened up so many more possibilities that my mind races!

What are your favourite scrapbook tools?
My cutter,Copic Markers (so much better than my old oil pastels), Distress Ink

What kinds of projects do you like to work on?
How to choose?? I like them all. I guess I prefer to make gifts because I can match personalities and what people really like to give the gift meaning. I get a vision of what he or she would like, and then set about creating it – from there the tools are only tools to accomplish what I want as a finished product. For example, my sister-in-law loves loves loves apples and my nieces/nephews love Sponge Bob and Disney Princesses. I used my scanner and printer to lightly outline a wine bottle with various fruit around it, Copics to color it, and my cutter to frame (mat) it. For the kids, we created a bathroom that looks like you’re up close and personal with Sponge Bob – seeing the texture of his sponge and bubbles and so on with vinyl stencils to create the shapes. And the girls have a Disney princess bedroom with wall vinyls everywhere. My sister is (oops!)Pregnant, due March 25, so I’m working on a baby book for her. He will be the last niece/nephew/grandbaby in our family, at least until the next generation, so I have to get my fill.