Cricut Cake Mini Machine for 29.99 and Free Shipping- Cricut Cake Machines Work with Paper Too!

Cricut Cake Machine Bundle

Cricut Cake Mini Machine at Creative Express is now 29.99 AND free shipping.
and YES you can use this machine to cut paper. I suggest you use/buy Cricut deep cutting blade ( blue)
and also buy a new mat that works with paper,cricut mat

Does Cricut Cake Machine Work With Paper?

Yes they do. The kit machine comes with Cake decorating cartridges, mat and blade for cutting fondant- but is same machine- works exactly the same as regular Cricut. I am not a huge fan of Cricut but for 29 bucks you cant go wrong- worse case scenario you have a machine with cartridges you can use to make cup cake toppers, etc.
I have a girlfriend who has a 12 year old daughter that loves to bake- especially cupcakes- and this would make a great Christmas gift for her.

Amazon also has the larger Cricut Cake Personal Electronic Cutter with a 12 inch wide cutting space for 89.00. Again same as regular Cricut but meed new blades and a mat.

All Cricut Christmas Cartridges- What are Best Cricut Christmas Cartridges?

Cricut has a wide range of Christmas cartridges available to buy- some pretty superfluous if you ask me and some an excellent choice to add to your collection. See below my thoughts on what I think are the Best Cricut Cartridges,I based my rating on variety of images, versatility and longevity… basically what is the most bang for your buck.
I would LOVE ot hear what others think- do you agree? What Cricut Christmas cartridge do you like best?

I am compiling list of all the Cricut Cartridges that have been issued that are Christmas related- also rating which ones I think are the best Cricut Cartridges.
New Christmas Cricut cartridge released today, Cricut Scandinavian Christmas Cards and images forthcoming!

What are Best Cricut Christmas Cartridges?

Christmas Village
Meh. I am so-so on this one. If you are the type to want ALL the cartridges then go for it but if just want one or two.. skip it and get a more versatile one. This leans very heaving on nativity scent type images. 6/10

Winter Woodland is actually one of my favourites, Very sophisticated “pretty” designs, The designs work equally well with cards or scrapbook pages. A nice mix of winter and Christmas images and sayings. AND you also get alphabet and 3-d village shapes. I highly recommend. The price at around 20.00 is why I give it a 9/10

Trim the Tree is a bit out there.. think they were stretching things a bit. Lots of intricate filigree work here.. some of it downright ugly. Pass. 4/10

Christmas Cheer has nice solid designs that you will get plenty of use from. Basic Christmas shapes. 7/10

Christmas Cards
This is one of my favorites and I would consider this a must have for Christmas card making. The card shapes- as well as envelope designs can be used year round. 8/10

Joys of the Season Focuses heavily on 12 days of Christmas as well as some classic winter/Christmas images like snowflakes, Santa, Christmas trees, gifts, etc, This is pretty good and I give it 7/10

Winter Frolics is mostly folk art images of children and people. This would be okay if you were teacher.. kids will love it. For the scrapbooking or cards a limited look. 6/10

Cricut Solutions Cartridge- Christmas is older and hard to find. It has really good basic Christmas and winter shapes and if you could only have one Cricut Christmas cartridge this is a good bet. Has usual holly berries, Santa designs, gingerbread, etc. The images would be excellent for scrapbooks, cards and vinyl wall art. 8/10.

Winter Lace Let it Snow Let it Snow, let it snow… this a cartridge of all snowflakes. say no more. Hard to rate.. but for over all usefulness unless you are a weatherman… 3/10.
This cartridge is actually inspiring me to make a “Worst Cricut Cartridges List..”

Christmas Cheer is very popular. Has all the classic Christmas images in traditional very usable styles, Christmas bulb, tree, snowmen, ornaments, gift tags. This I would also say if you could only get one… A perfect compliment to Christmas Cards (see above) 8/10

Gingerbread Mark me down as a NO. BUT you might be able to get pretty cheap- like around 10.00. The whole cartridge is gingerbread shapes. Maybe if you were trying to attract Hansel and Gretal to your home otherwise PASS. 3/10

Speaking of Winter features a very nice “icicle” font perfect for school bulletin boards. Lots of Christmas and Winter shapes ( snowmen, scarves, etc) a good solid bet. 8/10

Update on SCAL and Cricut – Alternatives to SCAL – Using Cricut to Cut Your Own Shapes and Fonts

Well, I am sorry to say that Craft Edge ‘s SCAL Sure Cuts A Lot software will no longer work with Cricut. I have actually been fearing this for a while- but I thought maybe Cricut would be smart and buy Craft Edge out. Craft Edge makes the very popular SCAL Sure Cuts A Lot software to sue with digital cutting machines. By and large there biggest customer base was Cricut users. The reason- Provo Craft makers of the popular Cricut have come down on third party softarw vendor making software for the Cricut; they see it as a copyright violation. Cricut might be upset that you didn’t need their cartridges to cut on a Cricut cutting machine. This is how they make there money.

Cricut users- you may want to consider other Craft Cutting machines that are just as easy to use as a Cricut. The Quickutz Silhouette is excellent. Pazzlesis also a good machine- in fact it is almost the SAME machine as Cricut- they are made in same factory. Personally- I like Silhouette for light use but LOVE my KNK (Klic and Kut) and would not trade it for anything. I have had a USED KNK Element for almost 3 years and its has NEVER given me a problem. Yes, there is a bit of a learning curve to use but well worth it.

Will My Cricut Still work with SCAL?

SCAL is in 3 different version. SCAL and SCAL v. 2 will still work with Cricut – but will not be supported.
For those that bought SCAl 2 recently you can upgrade for free to SCAL 3 AND it it will install to a different folder and not overwrite SCAL 2.
So, yes you can use SCAL 2 ( and I believe original SCAL) with your Cricut machine- they just wont be supporting it creating new updates.
You can longer purchase SCAL 2 from Craft Edge- I do believe Amazon is still selling the DVD version of SCAL 2 tho- HERE

Alternatives to SCAL 2?
Right now the only software I know fo that works with Cricut- allowing you to cut using your own images ( in SVG format) and cretae Text and Titles using any True Type font on your computer is Fairy Cut. As Provo Craft has been pretty aggressive- suing both Making the Cut and SCAL I fear that fairy cut will be gone soon as well.

As an aside- SCAL 3 works with other cutting macines- Silhouette, Pazzles, Boss Cut Gazelle, Black Cat Cougar/Lynx, Craft ROBO and Wishblade and Craftwell eCraft™.

Official Statement from Cricut Regarding SCAL and Making the Cut

Official Statement from Provo Craft®

We at Provo Craft would like to address some of the comments that have been made recently about steps we have taken to address the sale of unauthorized software programs. We hope that providing this context will help our customers understand why we have taken these steps, and why we believe we are acting in both a fair and ethical manner.

Speaking generally, we’d like to comment about our right to seek legal protection for the products we’ve developed through legitimate means. As a creative company, we have invested significant resources to invent the Cricut and to continue to develop Cricut products. Cricut is the end-result of individuals having invested their own money, creative ideas, and hard work to bring a unique product to the crafting community. We’re also committed to improving our products, so we continually invest in innovation and in the sourcing and production of new art content for the Cricut.

As we have invented Cricut products, we have been granted copyright and trademark rights that protect us from, among other things, any company that unlawfully circumvents or ‘hacks’ our security measures for its own financial gain. We regret that exercising our legal right to protect ourselves from such activity would give any of our customers a reason to be upset with us. But we also believe that provided the facts, reasonable people will understand that the steps we have taken are legitimate and fair by virtually any standard of law and ethics.

With regard to Make the Cut!, in a jointly stipulated injunction filed in March, Make the Cut! agreed to discontinue the sale and support of its software for use with Cricut as remedy to the unlawful manner in which the software was developed. The unlawful actions cited in the injunction include violation of the Cricut Design Studio end user license agreement and violations of U.S. copyright and trademark laws. Earlier this month, Provo Craft and Make the Cut! amicably resolved the matter in a confidential settlement.

Provo Craft has filed suit against Craft Edge, Inc. alleging similar violations. Because that involves ongoing litigation Provo Craft cannot comment further on the suit at this time.

Lastly, we know that some of our customers want the ability to cut with their Cricut certain images that are not available in the Cricut library. Many of you know that in April we are releasing the first version of Cricut Craft Room, which is an all-new, free, online design platform for Cricut. Though this specific feature won’t be available initially, we intend to provide our customers the ability to cut some of their own images in Cricut Craft Room in the future. Like our customers, we’re passionate about creativity, and we’re committed to providing great products for the crafting community.
More News and Information about SCAL and Cricut lawsuit:
Provo Craft Sues Sure Cuts A Lot, Alleging Copyright Violations
Fur and Green Feathers
Official Statement on Lawsuit from Cricut

Newest SCAL Coupon Released

Craft Edge has released latest code, Coupon Code for SCAL ( Sure Cuts A Lot) Software for Cricut. The code also works for older SCAL users who want to upgrade to latest SCAL 2 version.

SCAL lets you use your Cricut cutter without any cartridges. You can cut image files downloaded from the internet or create you own. You can also cut any TrueType font installed on your computer- and there are literally 1000’s of them!

For more info visit Craft Edge website

New Version of SCAL Sure Cuts Alot Software for Cricut SCAL Version 2

Craftedeg has come out with a new upgrade version of SCAL, the software program that allows you to cut images and type with your Cricut cutter without using any cartridges,
If you bought the old version after June 22, 2009 you can upgrade for free. Upgrade Sure Cuts Alot HERE
Users of the older version can upgrade (for a limited time only!) for 30.00 Upgrade SCAL HERE
New users can buy the software for 75.00 HERE

Craftedge will often release a coupon code, usually a 10 % discount, you can find current codes here, Coupon Code for SCAL Sure Cuts Alot.

What the New Version of SCAl Does:
* New ways to maniuplate ond organize objects including Select All, Group and Ungrouping
* Add multiple pages
* Use layers to organize objects within a page
* Modify text more easily
* Auto tracing feature to automatically convert images
* Show rulers using inches or centimeters
* Mac version is expected to be released later this year.

Chris Durnan of Visual Designs has created a comprehensive comparison sheet they shows you the difference between SCAL v.1 and SCAL v.2.
The ability to group, ungroup and modify text is deal breaker for me- i would fork out the extra 30 bucks and upgrade.

SCAL Sure Cuts Alot Comparison Sheet

Click on image to enlarge