Cross Stitch With Linen- Started a New Nora Corbett Design ( Mirabilia)

Working on A Nora Corbett Cross Stitch from Mirabilia

I am about to start a pretty Nora Corbett design and after that Mermaid of The Pearls though I just got a look at Mermaid of Atlantis and now I am not too sure- they are both stunning.
I will admit I have never worked on linen before. I have bad eyes and I am intimidated at the thought of working with it.
This seemed next to impossible and many of my cross stitching friends have said not to bother- its just not fun using linen. I am going to try and do a small design doing cross stitch on linen before I tackle doing this large project.

In the mean time I have found some EXCELLENT sites that give very good instructions on the difference between cross stitch on linen and cross stitch on Aida fabric.

This site,
Counted Cross Stitch has outstanding instructions and has given me confidence to try.
Another way of looking at it is with Cross Stitching Over Two On Evenweave or Linen . They also attempt to show how its done.

Now- to find a small project to work on :)