List of FREE Single Line Fonts

free single line fonts download

You can make beautiful Rhinestone designs for T-shirts, cards and other crafts with Make the Cut software and your digital cutter.
You will get best results using a font that is very thin or called ‘ Single Line Font” These can be quite expensive. I have out together a list of free single line fonts to download.

List of Single Line Fonts to Download Free

LH Line 1 Sans

LH-line1 free single line font



Europe Underground


Existence Light
existence-light single line font free

Gatsby free single line font

hero fee single line font

Jalane Light
jalane fee sinlge line font rhinestones

Lane Narrow
lane narrow free single line fonts

Lato Light
lato free single line font

League Sript #1
league script free single line font

melbourne feee single line font rhinestones

montepetrum rhinestone font free

quicksand rhinestone font free

raleway free rhinestone single line font

Rawen Gulk
rawen gulk free single line font for rhinestones

Scriptina Pro
scriptina pro free rhinestone font

St. Marie
St.-Marie single line font free

Stymie Regular
stymie free rhinestone font


walkway feee single line font

New Gift Box Cutting File- Handbag Cutting File in Make the Cut, GSD, SVG and KNK formats.

I did up a little gift box cutting file shaped like a dainty purse file a few weeks ago that was the perfect gift box for a pair earrings or jewelery. ( see Purse Gift Box Cutting File in GSD SVG KNK and MTC formats)
Tonight I did up another free gift box cutting file- this one is slightly larger. I am quite pleased with myself- this cut perfectly on the first test cut! I couldn’t believe it.
It has been such a horrific week and didn’t expect anything to go right.
Imagine my dismay that with one of the more complicated cutting files I have ever done to have it work right out of the gate!
Normally I screw up setting origin, mat isn’t sticky enough or I forget to make a outline a pounce line… but not tonight! Was very thrilled.

I am have been cutting with KNK Studio or Studio GE for about 4 years now and recently switched over to Make the Cut. I would like to hear from others who have used both- I am finding less problem in general using Make the Cut. The cuts come out cleaner and so far no issues communicating with machine. KNK Studio is a GREAT program and it can’t be beat if you want to create designs from scratch but I do think cutting is easier with MTC.

Print Your Own Christmas Scrapbook Paper

I started off with printing my own paper. I have become a big fan of Lettering Delights and used “Argyle” pattern from Peppermint Holiday Paper Pack– costs only 2 bucks. ( You can use most photo editing application like Photoshop to print- I do use Make the Cut to print printable papers. See short video tutorial if you’d like to try)

Free Gift Box Cutting File

I like to play with scale with the paper and in picture of my purse gift boxes below you can see two gift boxes using the same paper. I just changed the scale when printing in MTC. The two papers used below are both Argyle from Peppermint Holiday Paper Pack. I printed one on white cardstock ( smaller print) and the other using glossy photo paper from dollar store.

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Purse/ Handbag Gift Box

Video Tutorial on Printing Printable Paper with Make the Cut! using Lettering Delights Paper Packs

Free Pumpkin Treat Box cutting file in SVG KNK GSD and Make the Cut ( MTC) formats

Free Pumpkin Treat Box Cutting File Download for Scrap booking, Cards and Paper Crafts

Cute Halloween Treat Box Cutting File

This past couple of weeks I have been expanding my horizons and designing gifts boxes. I did take a course a LONG time ago in design school about making pop up art but things have really changed, ie. there was no adobe illustrator when I was in school! I recently made a purse box that I absolutely love- perfect for a gift of jewelery. This week I was struggling with a pumpkin treat box and gave up SEVERAL times. I would have liked to decorate but I found a great use for using up the printed paper i did up a couple of weeks ago, I PRINTED my own paper ! Cost me only $2.00 to download set of Halloween papers from Lettering Delights, Spooky Soiree and I am really pleased with results. I just printed them on cheap whit card stock I picked up at Micheal’s. They have a couple of other Halloween papers, Costume Clubhouse which I really like and “Best Witches“. If you’ve never tried printing your own scrapbook paper- give it a whirl. Cost me 2 bucks for 6 designs I can print over and over and so far worth every penny.
Here are my little pumpkin treat boxes for you to download- hope you like them!

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Download Pumpkin Treat Box cutting file HERE

This digital Disney Snow White paper doll craft cutter file is available in GSD WPC KNK and SVG. For more information on different types of cutting files, read Cutting Files Explained.

Pumpkin Treat Box SVG Cutting File is for use with many third party software used with cutting machines to expand their cutting capabilities like Make the Cut and SCAL / Sure Cuts A Lot and Inkscape ( which I HATE!!!!! btw)

Free Pumpkin Treat Box GSD cutting file can be used with(QuicKutz) Silhouette machines, Xyron Wishblade and Craft Robo. You just use the regular Robo Master that comes with your digital cutter..

Free Pumpkin Treat Box KNK Cutting File is used with Klic n Kut ( KNK Element, Maxx, KNK Groove, etc) OR use KNK Studio GE software with your Craft Robo, Wishblade or Silhouette die cutter.

Free Halloween Ghost Paper in MTC ( Make the Cut ) format is for use with Make the Cut 3rd party and can be used with most digital craft cutting machines; including, Pazzles Inspiration, Bosscut Gazelle, Silhouette and KNK cutters etc.

Do you have a cutting file suggestion? Yes, I do take requests- post your suggestion in comments section or email me with your cutting file requests. Feel free to enclose a link or image.

Useful Links:
Create-A-Face software

Gallery for all QP Paper Doll Cutting Files. View and Download all the QP Paper Dolls.

SCAL Coupon Use SCAL sure cuts a lot with your
Digital Craft cutting machine.

Best Price for Make the Cut software

…. is $58.36 here More Info on Make the Cut

Using Lettering Delights Print and Cuts (Cut Its) with Make the Cut Software

Print and Cuts with Make the Cut Software

I have been working with Make the Cut software and my cutting machine- a KNK Groove-E. One of the functions I keep meaning to try is print and cut- something I don’t do very often because it is sooooo fiddly! I can say after doing it in Make the Cut I did find it MUCH easier and will be doing more and I think designing more Print and Cuts to share. I didn’t think there was much demand but the software makes it quite easy to do.
I normally use KNK Studio and have been gradually using MTC ( Make the Cut) One thing it does do better and more easily than in any other third party cutting software is Print and Cuts. I have usually designed my own but sometimes I see a Print and Cut design that I just have to have!

Print and Cuts from Lettering Delights- How to Use in Make the Cut

Today I tried using a design from Lettering Delights that was offered for FREE today, Patty Cake from Lettering Delights “Cut Its!” collection. You can visit Lettering Delights Site, put in your shopping cart and check out ( you will be charged nothing) or if you don’t have an account sign up ( get free stuff) and then download.

Cutting a Print and Cut from Make the Cut

So I was all set to and loaded up my paper in printer to do my print part of the Print and Cut- when Yikes! I didn’t know how to print the Lettering Delights image file from within the Make the Cut software. You need to print from software that will add registration marks so you can align up in your cutter for perfect cuts.

How do you Get Lettering Delights Images to Print from Make the Cut?

I looked all over internet and Make the Cut forum and could not find. Was actually pretty frustrating. After playing with software I was able to figure out how to get Lettering Delights images to print in Make the Cut. You can watch quick video below for detailed instructions. Basically you have to add the image as a texture. Right click on the Lettering Delights svg, go to change colour, texture line and choose colour than add the .png file you downloaded from Lettering Delights.

See video below for detailed instructions on how to use Lettering Delights Print and Cuts with Make the Cut Software.

Full Video Intructions On How to Use Make the Cut to do Print and Cut on a KNK Machine

If you are struggling with Print and Cut feature in Make the Cut Sandy Macauley has created a detailed video on how to use Make the Cut to do Print and Cut on a KNK cutter. It may seem overwhelming at first but she packs in ALOT of good information.
Here is Sandy’s excellent video on using Make the Cut and Print and Cuts:

Best Way to Print Lettering Delights Printable Paper Packs

How to Print Lettering Delights and Other Printable Scrapbook Paper

Well… has been a great summer and time to dust off my craft supplies! I LOVE the Fall because not only is it my favorite weather but LOVE starting up new craft projects. For me it kicks off a new craft “season”.

I have been reorganizing my craft room to accommodate some new toys. Packed up my beloved Silhouette and KNK Element to make room for my new KNK Groove-E and will most certainly pick up the Zing when its released in the next few weeks.

How to Print Lettering Delights for Papers Scrapbooks and Card Making

My ADD kicked in big time while tinkering with Print and Cuts. To be honest I have avoided Print and Cuts like the plague because looks so fiddly.
I recently got Make the Cut software mainly because of its ease of use AND apparently in simplifies the Print and Cut process. I got side tracked with the concept of “printable papers” I have a paper fixation and love the idea of being able to print my own paper patterns.
I did a bit of hunting and found so me free sites that offer paper for you to download but I really wanted to try out some of the adorable Halloween paper packs at Lettering delights. The pack is called Spooky Soiree

I was pretty skeptical at how well my printer could print out paper that I would use for scrapbook or cards but more than willing to try something new.
I have pretty basic colour printer, an Epson NX210. I get ink CRAZY cheap at so no worries on using up my ink.

I was pretty short on white cardstock so ended up using plain old inkjet paper. I think I could get a really nice effect using a glossy photo paper and will try that sometime.

The printable papers from Lettering Delights come in paper packs for 2.00 and have 6 coordinating patterns. The paper images are in jpg format and12x12 inches. The download was quite large-almost 20 MB.

What is Best Application to Use to Print Printable Paper Packs from Lettering Delights?

I wanted to play around with different application for printing. My instincts told me that using Make the Cut would probably be best way to print the paper because Lettering Delights is so closely aligned with the 3rd party cutting machine software.
I was wrong!
Below you can see results from worst to best.

Printable paper test Results

Click on Image for Larger View

Make the Cut was actually pretty cumbersome to set up and not sure I would recommend cutting printable paper from that app. Involved several steps and the result was mediocre at best. To be honest if that was only way to do it I think I would abandon the whole printable paper concept. I am sure if I spent some time i might get better results but I wanted something fast and easy.
As you can see from 2nd samplefrom left in picture above the paper printed from MTC was off centre with lots of white border. (Click image for better and larger view)

Make the Cut wasn’t actually the worst- I used one of my photo editing programs, ACDSee Pro
and horrible results. Colours were off and image did not fill page despite my tweaking the settings.
Best results were from Adobe Photoshop
. Also was easiest to use. All I had to do was open image and change image size to refit for 8 1/2 x 11 paper. The paper printed perfectly and very little white space.
I also used Adobe Photoshop Elements
knowing that that would be more common program for people to have- was surprised that everything came off without a hitch- but colours were way off- if you look the aqua color in the others is a deep teal when printed using Adobe Photoshop Elements

Best Way to Print Printable Papers ?

I may do some adjusting with colors but I wanted to try and see what would give people best result right out of the box with minimal effort.

Here are rest of papers printed out with Photoshop CS

I would like to hear from others about their experiences with printable papers and what method they find works best.

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Do you have any cutting file suggestions? I would love to hear your ideas for cutting file designs- please either post in comments section or email me.