Plastic Lacing Project: Boondoggle Barrette – A Gimp Craft

You can have a lot of fun with this boondoggle pattern. We have made them to match outfits using different colors of gimp. We made a black and white one for soccer and another to match ballet uniform in blue and pink. Use glow in the dark gimp for fun when camping. I keep lots of gimp in our trailer and it makes a great rainy day craft while on holidays or at the cottage.

Instructions for Making Gimp Barrette

To make this boondoggle craft you will need:
3-foot piece of boondoggle
three 7-inch strands of boondoggle
plain metal barrette

Step-By Step Plastic Lace Instructions for Boondoggle Barrette

Lay your three shorter 7 inch strands of gimp so they lay flat down the middle of the barrette. Secure in place at the hinge end of barrette with a bit of tape.

With the tape secure one end of the long 3 foot strand boondoggle/gimp to the inside of the barrette, near the hinge part.

Do seven wrap around the top of barrette with the boondoggle stand, tight and close. Then lift the center flat strand of gimp and do one wrap over the outside boondoggle strands. This creates a woven effect.

Raise the two outside strands of gimp and do one wrap over the centre strand.

Continue to wrap your gimp lacing , alternating strands to get a checkered pattern. Keep the wraps tight and close together. End with seven plain wraps of the plastic lacing.

On the inside, push the end of the boondoggle under the last few wraps. (something like an unbent paper clip will help) Pull the boondoggle really tight and put a drop glue to hold it, then trim off the loose end.

On top side, remove tape.and glue each end of the wrap. When glue dries, trim off excess flat strands.