Canadians- GREAT Price for Silhouette SD Ships to Canada

Looking to buy a Silhouette SD in Canada?

My local scrapbooks store sells the Silhouette SD for 349.95!!! Ouch.
Many people are looking to find somethign to replace their Cricut, now that Provo Craft is suing any one who makes software to cut your own images on your Cricut without a cartridge. is selling the Silhouette SD for 198.33 and will now ship to Canada!
Here is link:

Shipping is approx. 25.00 and duties another 25.00. So total is about 253.00. Still not too bad if you compare 253.00 to 350.00.

Most Popular Cuttlebug Embossing Folders- Which Embossing Folders are “Essential” ?

What are the best embossing folders?

The embossing folders for use in Provo Craft Cuttlebug have to be one of the best values for any scrapbooker or card maker. The folders are cheap, easy to use and the results are amazing.Most folders are under 5.00 and have high impact. If you do ANY kind of card making these really are a must have.
If you don’t have a Cuttlebug or any other die cutter I strongly recommend trying to fins one. You can usually pick up a pretty good price ( around 50-60.00) and but with coupons for Micheal’s or Joann’s, etc. You can read more about the Cuttlebug in my Cuttlebug Review post.

the embossing folder are great! They have several kinds for almost every occasion but I will list here the embossing folders that I consider “must have” or essential ones to start off your collection/addiction.

Best Embossing Folders for Cuttlebug

Provo Craft Cuttlebug A2 Embossing Folder, Floral Fantasy
This is a nice all purpose floral design that will become one of your favorites, I reach for it time and time again.

Provo Craft Cuttlebug A2 Embossing Folder, Swiss Dots
I love this one. Use on it one for a background or run through cut shapes for fabulous texture. Probably one of the most popular and must have embossing folders.

Cuttlebug 37-1142 A2 Embossing Folder, D'vine Swirls
Basic design and a must have embossing folder.

Provo Craft Cuttlebug A2 Embossing Folder-Snowflakes
The perfect Winter/Christmas/Holiday embossing folder. You will get tons of use out of this one.

Cuttlebug A2 Embossing Folder: Birds & Swirls
Really lovely and versatile design on this embossing folder with subtle floral design that doesn’t over power.

Worth mentioning- Cuttlebug Embossed Borders These give you great big bang for your buck and I recommend picking these up!.

Some “nice to have” embossing folders:

Click link to see image
A2 Embossing Folder-Distress Stripes
Cuttlebug 37-1134 A2 Embossing Folder, Thanks
Cuttlebug Embossing Folder: A2 Traffic Jam
Cuttlebug 37-1133 A2 Embossing Folder, Happy Birthday

How Do You Download GSD Files to Cut on Cutting Machines?

This question gets asked more than I would have thought. There are basically 3 or 4 ways to get GSD files and cut on your digital cutter. You do need to have a machine that will cut GSD files.
Currently the machines that cut GSD files are all version of Craft Robo, Quickutz Silhouette and Wishblade.

The simplest way to cut is to use files that come with your machine and software. Usually Robo master or Design Master. The files are loaded initio software and you can look in “My Library” or “File-> Thumbnail Browser” to find files to load and cut. You can then move around and change size according to your software.

How to Buy GSD Files for Craft Robo, Silhouette, etc.

If you have Quickutz Silhouette machine you can purchase digital cutting files from the Quickutz site- you can only do this thought the Robo Master software that came bundled with you Silhouette or download from the Quickutz site using ” Purchase Files” in the software, creating a Quickutz account and purchasing download cards.
If you are going to do this there are several place where you can buy heavily discounted download cards so I would but online from reputable seller or often you LSS will sel then at discount.
The Quickutz files in my opinion are very pricey and many similar can be found for much less cost or free. I will also say that their designs are very nice and cut beautifully on the machine.
These files are encrypted so you cannot share them.

Digital Design Cd’s for Quickutz Silhouette

QuicKutz SILH-PORT-02 Digital Content Jingle Digital Design Portfolio

There are several design cds available for Quickutz Silhouette, they are called ” Quickutz Design Portfolios“. You can buy these sets on CD and install on your computer. They will automatically be installed on your

QuicKutz SILH-PORT-03 Digital Content Wildflower Digital Design Portfolio

computer and can be accessed through Library in Robo Master can install on multiple computers with no problem.
This is one of the more economical ways of buying new designs for you Silhouette.

Buy GSD Files from 3rd party Sites for Silhouette, Craft Robo and Wishblade

You can buy designs from 3rd party sites. The files are usually designed by professional designers and avid users of various digital cutters. The quality can vary however the popular Cutting file sites have editors than check quality constantly. You will often see various file formats available other than GSD and these are use in different cutters or using alternative to Robo Master software ( Adobe Illustrator , Kik n Kut and Funtime for example) Even Cricut users can buy single files in the SVG file format using SCAL ( Sure Cuts A Lot) software and their Cricut.

The designer files are a very good value and you can often contact designer to custom make a design you would like. I am happy to custom design a file for your cutter in the $1-4.00 range. email for details. You basically choose a file or set of files you are interested in buying then pay with pay pal or credit card.You can down load you files in GSD format. When you open Robo Master check go to “File-> Open” and browse to your downloaded files. Often the files will be zipped with terms of use and introduction so you will have to unzip first.
You can download free zip software here. Just click on zipped file and browse where you want the files saved.

Download Free GSD Files for Your Craft Robo, Quickutz Silhouette and Wishblade

There are many sites that offer free files. You can do a search on Google for “Free GSD Files” or similar.
Many sites and designers offer lots of free GSD files for download and many of the paid cutting file sites / When you find files you lie just download. Most likely the files will be zipped to unzip to folder and you can cut the file simply by going into robo Master, “FILE-> Open” and then browse to your file and open. You can see image of file while browsing by suing “File-> Thumbnail Browser” in Robo Master.
Any Question or if you are having problem- let me know!
I offer free GSD/SVG and KNK files every Friday- you can find them on my free cutting files page.

GSD File Links
List of Sites With Free GSD Files
My Free GSD Files
Freebie Friday Free GSD Files
Cutter’s Market- Download GSD, DXF, SVG, AI and other file types.

Best Price for Quickutz Silhouette Digital Cutting Machine

QuicKutz SILHOUETTE-1 Digital Craft Cutter
Updated April 2009
With the introduction of the newer version , QuicKutz Silhouette SD Prices for the original QuicKutz Silhouette are plummeting.
The original QuicKutz Silhouette does every the new version does the only difference is the SD slot. You can store images on and SD card and take with you on the go. When using images on the SD card you cannot edit them- make smaller, etc. In my opinion the best bang for you buck right now has to be the QuicKutz Silhouette at prices under 150 and often including bonuses then its a great time to buy a QuicKutz Silhouette.

Best Prices on the QuicKutz Silhouette

ScrappyLand has them on for 129.95 No bonuses at time of this wrting and shipping I believe is 15.00.

Crafts Direct on for 119.00.

Crafts Direct“>ScrapbookingTM has the QuicKutz Silhouette on sale for 119.00 and includes 25.00 download card. From th esite it looks like shipping is 15.00. This is a GREAT price.

If you have ever thought about getting one these are great prices.
I love this cutter a hundred time more than Cricut! Among other things you can cut any TT font on you computer and get toss of free GSD cutting files online.

Lowest price for Quickqutz Silhouette and Best Place to Buy Silhouette?

Note: I am listing advertised prices for the QuicKutz Silhouette and cannot comment on the reliability of these online retailers.

Make 12 Inch Borders and Longer Die Cuts With Quickutz Silhouette and Craft Robo

I really don’t know why the mat for the Silhouette and other Graphtec machines ( Craft Robo, Wishblade) don’t come with a bigger mat. The mats for Silhouette and replacement mats are 9×13 inch and there is no reason why you can’t cut longer files.

How to cut Cut Longer Files in Craft Robo and Silhouette

You need a bit of “extra” on the end of your mat so it can feed in the machine so about the longest you can make a cut file on your cutting machine is 9/10 inches with the standard size mat.

How To Make 12 Inch Borders and Cut Files on Craft Robo and Quickutz Silhouette

I am a big border person. I love to use them in my scrapbooks., maybe because of my Creative Memories background- it is a hard habit to break. I was really stumped as to why I couldn’t make with my machine and realized it was a simple-ish fix. I just needed a longer mat.

I have made my own mats a few times ( you can read my post on How to make Your Own Craft Robo, Silhouette and Cricut Machines) and I personally like them more than the original mat that came with my Silhouette. One issue I did have was finding something that I could use for a lingger mat to make borders for my scrapbook pages..
If you can find the right length of plastic- go for it- just follow directions on the Make Your Own Mat for Cricut Mahines, Silhouette and Craft Robo post I mentioned.

I found the easiest thing to do- especially if you don’t have the adhesive or a Xyron 900 is to just cut down a large Cricut mat. This is probably the least expensive option.

What you need:
Cricut 12-Inch By 24-Inch Mat pack of two cost about 17.00.
Painters tape
WD-40 or similar ( Goo Gone, any kind of adhesive remover, and I think an acetone based nail polish remover would work as well.)

I was VERY happy with how these turned out.

Step One:
Cut down your mat. The Cricut mats come in a pack of two. You can cut one 10×17 size mat and then or however long you want. You can make longer if you like.
Cut your mat down. Use the measurements that are printed on the mat as your guide. I used scissors with n problems, I was going to sue craft knife but then had to worry about my cutting mat- seemed like overkill.

Remove Excess Adhesive From Mat

Use your painters tape and tape down the two side of your mat. ( Actually if you really only have to do this along one side). You need to leave about a 1/2 inch strip of mat exposed. You are going to remove the adhesive along the sides- this is so rollers can feed that mat in and out of your machine.
( Note I used duct tape in this- which can strip some some of the adhesive off- use painters tape OR if you use Duct / masking tape and remove some of the stickiness put pulling it on and off some fabric)

Don’T spray the WD-40 right on the mat it will get on parts where you want adhesive. I used a little bit on a cotton ball. The adhesive came right off very easily.
When I took tape off of used a bit of soapy water on cotton ball to get rid of oily residue.

You are done! test out your mat. When you are in your software ( most likely Robo Master) and making a 12 inch die cut or border set user size to width of mat and length 15 inches. Remember you need at least 2 extra inches on your mat so it can feed. So if you want to cut 14 inches you need at least a 16 inch mat, etc.

Go ahead and cut!
Note: Make sure you have enough room at the BACK of your cutter and it doesn’t hit a wall