Using Lettering Delights Print and Cuts (Cut Its) with Make the Cut Software

Print and Cuts with Make the Cut Software

I have been working with Make the Cut software and my cutting machine- a KNK Groove-E. One of the functions I keep meaning to try is print and cut- something I don’t do very often because it is sooooo fiddly! I can say after doing it in Make the Cut I did find it MUCH easier and will be doing more and I think designing more Print and Cuts to share. I didn’t think there was much demand but the software makes it quite easy to do.
I normally use KNK Studio and have been gradually using MTC ( Make the Cut) One thing it does do better and more easily than in any other third party cutting software is Print and Cuts. I have usually designed my own but sometimes I see a Print and Cut design that I just have to have!

Print and Cuts from Lettering Delights- How to Use in Make the Cut

Today I tried using a design from Lettering Delights that was offered for FREE today, Patty Cake from Lettering Delights “Cut Its!” collection. You can visit Lettering Delights Site, put in your shopping cart and check out ( you will be charged nothing) or if you don’t have an account sign up ( get free stuff) and then download.

Cutting a Print and Cut from Make the Cut

So I was all set to and loaded up my paper in printer to do my print part of the Print and Cut- when Yikes! I didn’t know how to print the Lettering Delights image file from within the Make the Cut software. You need to print from software that will add registration marks so you can align up in your cutter for perfect cuts.

How do you Get Lettering Delights Images to Print from Make the Cut?

I looked all over internet and Make the Cut forum and could not find. Was actually pretty frustrating. After playing with software I was able to figure out how to get Lettering Delights images to print in Make the Cut. You can watch quick video below for detailed instructions. Basically you have to add the image as a texture. Right click on the Lettering Delights svg, go to change colour, texture line and choose colour than add the .png file you downloaded from Lettering Delights.

See video below for detailed instructions on how to use Lettering Delights Print and Cuts with Make the Cut Software.

Full Video Intructions On How to Use Make the Cut to do Print and Cut on a KNK Machine

If you are struggling with Print and Cut feature in Make the Cut Sandy Macauley has created a detailed video on how to use Make the Cut to do Print and Cut on a KNK cutter. It may seem overwhelming at first but she packs in ALOT of good information.
Here is Sandy’s excellent video on using Make the Cut and Print and Cuts:

Convert SVG to GSD File- How to Cut SVG files on Quickutz Silhouette

Often you may come across a site or a free filel that is not int he right format for you machine. SVG files are a popular format for people who are using a Cricut machine with SCAL software.
While you can.t cut and SVG file on your Quickutz Silhouette, you can take a couple of minutes and convert it to a file it will recognize.

How to Convert SVG File to GSD

1. Download and install free program, Inkscape. You can also use Adobe Illustrator however Inkscape is a free vector graphics application.

2- Open Inkscape.

3. Open the SVG file you want to convert to GSD ( not import, open). The file will most likely be upside down. don’t worry about it, can fix in Robomaster later.
Move the image to bottom left corner.

4. SAVE As: DXF file.

5. Open Robo Master, them File- Load DXF…
Move images to centre of screen ( when you rotate you may lose some of the images so this stops that from happening).
Rotate so its not upside down:
Select all the pieces, then right click- Position Settings, check keep aspect ratio box then change angle to 180 degrees, save.

6. All the cut lines will be black, so change those. ( Highlight object then change line colour which by default is light blue).

7. Save As… GSD.
Really not as complicated as it sounds- whole process can be done in under 2 mins.

Any questions- please post in comments section.