QP Paper Doll Cutting Files

I created a Paper Doll, “QP Paper Doll” because I remember the fun I had playing with paper dolls when I was growing up. My sister and I would play for hours. I adored paperdolls and had a wonderful set called “Kewpie Dolls” when I was about 5 years old and thought what a funny co-incidence- and made my own “QP” dolls.
My grandmother used to buy them for me every birthday and Christmas, she also bought me a little doll and knitted the most wonderful clothes for it. They were beyond adorable and must have takem her hours and hours. The doll was about 5 inches high with green hair and had about 2 dozen different outfit. Wedding gowns and outfits from around the world were a favourite. Back then the rage was to knit or sew Barbie outfits and she had made my sister and hundreds over the years. I really treasured then and would love to have hung to them. When I told my grandmother how much I loved in my later years she went out and bought a pattern to knit some interesting topsy turvy dolls for my own daughter.
and we have several. She died about 2 month after she made Liz ( then 6 years old) a beautiful Cinderella doll and even my son admires it.

I am designing and sharing these paper dolls in memory of my wonderful grandmother who will have been gone 10 years next week.
I hope other grandmothers will make as many wonderful memories as she did for me :-)

She would have loved me creating and sharing these !!!

One of the crafty grandmothers on my cutting file list is designing outfits for her grand-daughter (Sheila) and has also been contributing paper doll outfits to share ( Old Hippy, Stylin Grandma, Bo Peep_)
Sheila is cutting the files out of vinyl and making a traveling paper doll set for her own granddaughter. I am goin to see if I can do this with cuttable magnet sheets.

I add new Paper Doll files often so be sure to check back !

Please feel free to make a suggestion for a new doll in comments or email me directly, lisa@quillingpatch.com

Other crafters have also been designing outfits and sharing here. Sheila used Inkscape and Chris has been using Robo Master. I would love to build a big collection to share. You can design your own outfit using the original QP paper doll cutting file as your template.

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Hope you enjoy these paper dolls as much as I did designing them!
For my paper dolls I use Bazzill Card stock. Using the 3 colours below I can make work for most skin tones:
(Click links below to see colours)
Tutu Pin for pale or fair skin
Peach Glow for medium tones.
Citrus for darker and olive tones.

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To get cute little faces, try Peachy Keen Clear Stamp Face Assortment They are ADORABLE.

Free paper doll cutting files in SVG GSD, WPC and KNK format for digital cutters. Free paper doll and new paperdoll outfits added often!